S-GEPs Volume 8 of the Learn Christ Commentaries: One Commentary on Ephesians.

One Commentary on Ephesians, The SunGrist Golden Edition Pub 

The 7 Essentials of Christian Doctrine

One Commentary on Ephesians has been an ongoing work since it was discovered around 1965 that Ephesians is a summary of the first 10 books of the Apostle Paul.

Sorry, for the length of it, 481 pages, but the rescue is the extensive Table of Contents on the next page by chapters and sections of the chapters.  All you have to do is skim the Contents to decide on the subject of interest as you are led to do so, then Control click with your mouse and keyboard, and you are there!

     A Dedication to Katy McMichael and her RN Grandmother Ann McMichael, 2 peas in a pod—

Katy McMichael, the Christian Youth to whom this edition of One Commentary on Ephesians is dedicated, put together this combination of photos herself, combining one of her young RN grandmother, Ann McMichael, and of herself newly in the Apache Belles of Tyler Texas.  Ann McMichael, by far the best Christian Baptist any of us has ever known, is recognizable inwardly and outwardly in Katy.  Both take seriously the book of Ephesians as do they to the Bible as the Word of God, and both were outstanding students, Ann was salutatorian at her back on the farm of Tennessee at Elkton High School, and Katy graduated from Weatherford High not only as the outstanding dancer in the Weatherford Blue Belles, but also with a transcript of all A’s.  It is considered by this author that the best dedication that can be shared with both of them is:  Ann and Katy have properly Learned Christ!  Katy continues with her second year of college to make all A’s with the exception of one B.  (Her dad, James McMichael, states that it did not devastate her, but she continues to take the matter more seriously than most.)  Once she was asked what she would do if she made a B, and she replied, “Work Harder”.

This SunGrist Golden Edition Pub is offered free to all as an introduction to the S-Geps, SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs, and simultaneously promote the neglected value of PDF, the Portable Document Format (PDF). Widely used in Aerospace Companies, it has yet to find its proper place among students of the Bible.

Also the central and thorough Bible subjects of One Commentary on Ephesians like the Cause of Christ and the Revealed Mystery of Christ, and an outstanding statement of faith and practice by the second greatest Christian to ever live on planet earth, the Apostle Paul. In short, all Christians, especially youth, need it at no cost. “Freely we have received, freely we give.” and “More Bible, More World.”

If you fail to get your free copy, simply email to sungrist@gmail.com and request your free copy of the SGEP One Commentary on Ephesians, and include your return email address.


The button for SendOwl, the distributor of the SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs (S-GEPs), below says Buy but this book is free, and introductory offer to the S-GEPS. You will see as with th Button below you open the Product sales page and notice in the upper right the cost of $0.00.


There are presently 12 other SunGrist S-GEPS products offered on the SendOwl distributor.

To order any of the 11 or get more information, please go to the SunGrist page of Facebook on Storefront for SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs at


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