INTRODUCTION to the Second Year of Preaching Thru the Bible.

NOTE: This message, PTB2-1a and 2-1b are taken from the volume 1 of the Learn Christ commentaries, Prophets and Apostles.

A.  The 10 Volumes of the New Expanded Learn Christ Commentaries

1.  Prophets and Apostles:  Preaching the Bible versus The Wisdom of the World (Theology).

2.  Volume 2:  Christ for Individuals, the NT books from the Apostle John of Revelation, the Gospel of John, and 3 epistles of John.

3.  “Believe and Be Baptized”,


 The Ministry and 14

Letters of the Apostle Paul.

volume 3 of the


4.  One Commentary on Hebrews, volume 4.

5.  LCBC5, The Message of the 19 Writing Prophets of the Old Testament.

6.  Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy.

7.  SunGrist Golden Edition PDF, The Literal Forever Kingdom Volume 7 of the Learn Christ Commentaries

8.  One Commentary on Ephesians 

The 7 Essentials of Christian Doctrine

9.  GET REAL, or Real Relevance of Real Revelation

Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation of the book of Revelation

10.  One Commentary on Romans, One Baptism is the One Salvation

B.  The Numbering system for the second year of Preaching thru the Bible (PTB) will be PTB2-1 thru PTB2-52, so with the 10 commentaries listed above then one chapter/message/post will be taken in order from each book, generally the introductory chapter first until the 10 commentaries chapter selections are repeated 5 times.  It will become clearer as it is done, you just know you are going to get much Bible, the juicy meat of the Word of God, word upon word and line upon line.

PTB2-1a: Apostles and Prophets or the Foolishness of Preaching (Proclaiming) versus the Wisdom (theology and philosophy) of the World.

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Preaching the Bible versus The Wisdom of the World (Theology)

In the jargon of today it would be called Homiletics and Bible Commentaries versus Theology and Philosophy.

“Preach” of “Proclaim” in Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology:

“The word for “preach, ” “proclaim” in the Greek New Testament is kerysso [khruvssw]. It is used thirty-two times in the Gospels, but about half of these are parallel occurrences within the Synoptic Gospels. “Proclaim” is complementary to the more specific term “evangelize” (euangelizomai) or the phrase “announce the good news, ” which contains within its meaning the object that is announced or proclaimedthe good news. However, usually when “proclaim” (kerysso [khruvssw]) is used the context includes its object, which in the majority of instances is the gospel or Jesus. The noun proclaimer, herald (keryx), refers to one who proclaims news publicly.”

And the best or most famous Scripture on Preaching Bible versus Theology and Philosophy is, of course, I Corinthians 1:21:

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”

Where often the appreciation fails to come in that preaching and prophesy are almost synonymous words, and primarily the verse above and over similar verses first of all are taking about how the Bible preaches, and then how ministers consistent with the Bible preach the Bible.  The preaching of the latter degenerates into foolishness as it gets farther away from the Bible itself.

Maybe a little strong but necessary to say and paraphrase a bit:  The plan of God was to chose preaching over theology and philosophy.  To the secular world, the majority, preaching the Bible appears a foolish way to learn about God, yet that is the method by which God Himself (the very postulated subject of Theology) chose to proclaim the Gospel in order than humanity might be saved, or experience salvation. The average Seminary student has experienced this choice of God when, after the weekly struggle of delivering a message of salvation from God and the Word, are forced to choose for a degree program more courses on Theology than on specific Bible courses, sometimes thinking or saying, “This won’t preach”, or “I can’t preach this to my people”, until the pressure of big churches to be a Dr. Somebody leads all the way to Doctoral training, and then it becomes a matter of the means justify the ends, and they go down the rabbit hole of Theology move than Bible.

W. B. Riley, generally acknowledged as the father of fundamentalism, wrote in 1947 about PREACHER AND HIS PREACHING, the following words:

“There is a lamentable ignorance of the Bible on the part of many ministers and of students preparing for the ministry. Theological seminaries founded for the purpose of training men in the knowledge of God, His Word, and His dealings with men, discuss deeply the question whether God is knowable, spend much lime in deciding whether the Bible is, after all, the Word of God, and study minutely every heresy that has sprung up since Christianity was established, while Cod as manifested in Ills Word, and the Word as giving God’s idea to men, are ignored.”

The emphasis in education, personal or formal is what is paramount:  75 % Bible, Bible, Bible, 20% Homiletics and Hermeneutics, 5 % Pastor Duties, Church Administration and Teaching for Results. {The rest can be obtained by the reading and study of good conservative books in which it have gained confidence like Oates, Dobbins, etc.}  A better program of Bible study today would be to first go through the 17 commentaries of B.H. Carroll for a solid foundation in sound doctrine, then perhaps the newer New Testament Commentaries and Barclay.  It is true what Spurgeon said in his Lecture to My Students (the second recommended book on Homiletics to Riley’s Preacher and His Preaching):  “Be not such a wiseacre to think that you have nothing to learn from the past.”  Of course, the best is Preaching from the Bible by that grand Methodist Andrew Blackwood, and throw in his book on Leading in Public Prayer.

Southwestern Baptist Seminar was founded by that grand man of the Bible and history, Dr. B. H. Carroll with the simple program to teach through the Bible in English, and we are grateful that his lectures have been re-printed in the form of a word for word set of commentaries, called “An Interpretation of the English Bible”.  In other words, they studied Bible and only Bible at the beginning.

Theology versus Bible

Graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary do not even realize that they have turned more to Theology than Bible for their source of sounds, what suckered them into this was both fundamentalism and Scofieldism, especially non-biblical concepts of dispensations in the Bible (much more a matter of isogesis, the reading into the Bible of meaning rather than exegesis, the reading out) lead them down theosophical paths with the necessity to justify Theology over Biba with a false literalism. Even when men strive to pool the wisdom in and of the world directed toward God, it still remains the collective wisdom of men that leads students down the path of what Peter Marshall said, “Stand for nothing, and fall for anything.”

The Bible is the Word of God:  Christ and One, Top 1-3 of 12

The place of this chapter is to outline the whole Bible in brief from the quotations in the New Testament from the Old Testament, and does it surprise you that most of the quotes of the Old Testament in the New Testament come from the 14 letters of the Apostle Paul; and furthermore that it is this chief editor of the New Testament, which more than the Old Testament is a story of Christ–that by much more, by the way,  is the same Paul who wrote, “For to me to live is Christ.”  For Paul to live was for Christ to live, and for the Bible to live today is for Christ to live through the words and Word of the Bible.  (You will see before you finish this volume, if you can since it is large, and if you do not see Christ already in the Bible.)

Unless you still the veil over your eyes which is done away in a personal experience with Christ, or unless  “blindness in part is happened to” you as part of the nation of Israel “until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in; and in either case all we can do, you and us, is pray that the veil or blindness be removed in order that you can see!  Of course, when this happens, world history as we know it is almost over!

Someone tells the story of a certain large Bible so designed that when you stood back to look at any page, you would see outlined around the text an image of Christ.  So it is with the story or message of the Bible.  Christ is the Bible, and the Bible is Christ. How appropriately the Apostle John first received in Revelation the proper word of “Word” to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, then later in the writing of the Gospel of John started the story of the Life of Jesus  with the “Word made flesh” as a proper label for Jesus.  The word “Word” for Jesus and the word “Word” for the Word of God are more closely related than we will ever know this side of eternity. (Karl Barth has made a contribution here in his book on the Word.)

Each of us must interpret Christ for our own generation.  The accuracy of that interpretation can be measured in terms of our faithfulness to the Bible as the Word of God.  There are many official and un-official interpretations of Christ even as there are many man-made religious organizations which claim to properly interpret Christ for our times.  Rather than sling mud about which ones and how many of them are really part of the body of the Christ of the Bible, and incidentally of the presently living Christ who is the only head of the real body of Christ…that is, I say, rather than trying to separate who is and who is not a member of the real body of Christ, the more positive approach is to get back to the Bible with good Bible-based principles of hermeneutics, or Bible interpretation, setting forth the real Christ of the Bible and what it is to Learn the Christ of the Bible.

If forced to select two verses from the Bible to represent a single focus for THE LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARY, it would have to be Ephesians 4:20,21.

“But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus…”  (Ephesians 4:20,21 NJKV)

Let us face up to realities:  Even as some church members in the church at Ephesus, the church where the Apostle Paul had labored the longest, had not really heard Christ and had no really been taught by Christ, even so many more in American religious organizations, having lesser leaders than Paul and Christ, have not heard Christ and have not been taught by Christ.  (You will learn more about this focus later.)  Right now, we need to relate the “Preview of the Bible”, the subject of this first chapter, to that focus.  The claim is that the story of the whole Bible is ultimately a story about the learning of Christ.  If you look at the outline of the Bible below, you will notice the Gospel of Christ as number 8 of the complete 12 of  the subject outline of the Bible.  You will also find Christ dominating roman numerals 4,5,10,11,and 12 as well as an integral subject matter of each outline division.  The reason is simple:  the Bible is a story about the Lord Jesus Christ!  And if you don’t learn Christ, the Christ of the Bible and the Christ of God the Father, the Creator of the Universe, then you do not learn the Bible!

Subject Outline of the Bible.         

I.          The Living God of the Living  

II.        Righteousness of God and Man   

III.       The Composite Witness of the Bible        

IV.       God, Man and the Son of Man  

V.        The Resurrection  

VI.       Wisdom From God  

VII.     The Gospel  

VIII.    Listening More Important Than Sacrifice

IX.       What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen nation?  

X.        The Salvation of God  

XI.       The New King of Israel  

XII.     The Living God Wants Others to Live

What is amazing is that the whole Bible of 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, can be outlined under 12 major subjects!  I will tell you upfront why that is possible: because of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, and because the New Testament provides the proper interpretation of those Old Testament quotes.

“Jesus spoke these words, lifted up His eyes to heaven, and said: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You, as You have given Him authority over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as You have given Him. And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do. And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was.”  (John 17:1-5)

1.  Study Bible for the Approval of God.

“Study to Show Yourself Approved Unto God, a Workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  (II Timothy 2:15)

You must realize that God has put a lot of time and effort over a period of a thousand years and through the writing of over 40 scripture writers to bring up the communication level to you of Bible truth.  And beyond that God, through the Holy Spirit, put in internal safeguards to assure that all readers would get the same meaning; which means, in short that the Bible is self interpretative.   Put that internal safeguard to work for you by reading through the outline of the Old Testament according to the New Testament.  Look at the outline, on the left is the location in the Old Testament of the original quote and to the right is the New Testament  location.  Carefully go through the Bible reading each location, and read more than the quote itself, read also the verses on either side; and you will be amazed at your increased Bible perspective.

3.   Accept the challenge of a Workman that is a Bible Scholar, not scholastically like those of the hideous Jesus Seminary but like the American Scholar of Ralph Waldo Emerson where he made the plea of long ago for facets of scholarship based on far more than pieces of paper.

The practical and long range implementation here is to enhance your experience with the outline of the OT according to the NT of recommendation #1 by more prolonged study of the same outline in a course format entitled “Top 12 Topics of the Bible”.   These 12 topics are actually derived from the same Old Testament quotes in the New Testament with a topic actually superimposed on sequential groupings of those quotes.  Well, when you experience it you will understand better!

Happy new experiences in Bible reading and Study, just stick with it!

Learn An ALL Scripture Approach and Movement

The ALL Scripture approach of II Timothy 3:16,17 which leads to the individual profits of ‘doctrine, reproach, correction, and instruction in righteousness” is:  (1) an attitude of respect for the Bible and the Word of God, every word of it being (a) divine in origin, (b) absolute in authority, (c) sufficient for life and living in content, (c) high fidelity in communications, it is alive and talks to the person with the right attitude, (d) self-interpretation, best seen in the OT quotes in the NT which include explanations, and (e) being based on the character of God, it is a gradual revelation throughout history and in concrete structures of what God is like, of course reaching an eternal climax in the Person and Teachings of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; (2) a program, plan, and approach that overcomes satisfaction with only a few select scriptures of the Bible {how many quotes can you remember in the time of need, or when overwhelmed with the “cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches”}, striving to revel and even work hard, and with prayer meditation to get into the total Bible of 66 books, and in fact to live there while you are not required by necessity to be living by bread, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”  (Luke 4:4); (3) it is a balanced approach and attitude that goes beyond the “wants” of the Falling away (II Timothy 4:3,4} to the needs for doctrine, reproach, correction {even chastisement, see Hebrews 12:3-11}; and (4) It gets Christians, church members, and others out of their spiritual and living {BREAD} comfort zones into more (a) discipline from God like a Father for children, and (b) amazingly yes, “He for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness” (Hebrews 12:10).

“Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful, nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”  (Hebrews 12:11)

NOTE:  It is life and calamities, properly interpreted, in the context of Hebrews 12:3-11 and for professed children of God as a training program for “righteousness” and “holiness”.  Can you imagine the righteousness and holiness of God in your life?  And if not, then let the ALL Scripture approach help you!  To assist you in this quest, the website and 3 other websites of SunGrist_Bible are offered in all the fullness of its Bible resources that can help in the individual profitability {not to profit some TV evangelists, prideful church or denomination}, and more specifically the Bible resources noted below—

Bread and Bible, A Balanced Life!

“But Jesus answered him, saying, ‘It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  (Luke 4:4)

12-1:  Jesus, our Master example, faced temptations from Satan based on quotes from the Bible of the Old Testament, and identified the Bible as words straight out of the mouth of God Himself.

There are so many assumed convictions from Jesus, the Son of God, that we fail in a simple reading and hearing to appreciate them:  (1) First there is the guarantee of a balanced life if we have enough respect for the Bible as words from God and the Word of God, a balance between first of all making a life by making a living and then supplemented with a diet of life and living that includes all the Bible {“every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”}; (2) an assumed conviction and postulate that the Bible does record words straight from the mouth of God {granted the OT was the only Bible of Jesus’ days on earth, but notice that already Jesus continued the tradition of those words and books of the OT containing the words of God Himself, for Jesus quotes in His customary form beginning with “It is written”, and we can further our context of understanding by reading it from Deuteronomy 8:3}; (3) the quote assumes a respect and reverence for the Bible not only as words from His Father, but as a guide for life and living.

12-2:  Human pride does a funny thing to us in that we develop a false sense of freedom from Satan and our own sins and shortcomings that makes us captive to sin and Satan, and clouds our prideful sense of intellectual honesty and magnified toleration.

For example, many sceptics think they are so tolerant and noble, select among all Americans and intellectuals when they take a false balanced approach toward life and living by claiming an in-between conviction between the two extremes of atheist and belief.  It seems to them as if, even if God does not share their lack of commitment to either, history will record them as a very good and likeable and admired individual.

NOTE:  The horrors of such a conclusion in the sight of God as recorded in the Bible about His attitude.  You see, God looks at all His human creations and labels them as either (1) believers, or (2) unbelievers.  And although this is jumping somewhat to the conclusion before the full reasoning about a GOD BLESSED BALANCE BETWEEN BREAD AND BIBLE, THE ULTIMATE BALANCED LIFE, it must be stated up front, and hopefully you have or will read the message and chapter before this, “The Sceptic is Almost Doomed”–primarily because in other words out of the mouth of God through the Apostle Paul,

“He that comes to God must believe that He is and that  He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”  (Hebrews 11:6)

 Skepticism is like the LIE in that it denies the testimony of the Holy Spirit in every human heart about “sin, righteousness, and judgement”, denies the things known of God from nature, the individual conscience, and the collective social conscience; then there is the Bible, preaching of the Word, so that to hold firm on skepticism is to hold firm on intellectual dishonesty, sin, Satan and pride to the full extent of the LIE.

2.  Satan was and continues to be the Father of the Lie. (John 8:43,44) While sceptics and some around them along with the influential toward skepticism may consider themselves intellectual and with a certain status above the less moderate that believe, in the sight of God they have chosen THE LIE over “the truth of God” (Romans 1:25), a foolhardy choice with great detrimental consequences for doom in this life and the next.

3.  The supreme, called the LIE in the Bible of Romans, lie is to deny that God wants good for every life, and the beginning of that captivity in the lying process is to deny even the existence of God.  How much believing that God is, and the goodness of God to reward all diligent seeking after God, if you are restraining in your sin and pride by the status of a sceptic.  {I can not even respect skepticism to put it in capital letters as a Sceptic, and this is out of respect for Our God.  I am offended when any slur or race skepticism on His name and character, or of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Bible.}

NOTE:  You know these victims of pride and self-glory, even of being a good and likeable person, expect us to roll over and play dead in spite of the conversations in meditation and prayer and Bible we have with Him every day; and in spite of the equal number of years to the prideful that we have lived with Bible and God.  It seems like Satan has them as deceived on Christians as He does on the Lord Jesus Christ.

12-3:  And while we are on the subject of the last quote, let us lay up front the real gist of this message for your benefit, a real blessing of Refreshing Evangelism in 2018, or any year, TO DILIGENTLY SEEK GOD.

Perhaps you will not always find Him because of the bad habits, sin, and pride in your life, also used by Satan to cloud your reasoning and heart, and the sad fact that you could have gone beyond the unpardonable sin, or God has not chosen you as a child; however you do have far more chance, than if you do not seek Him because of some false pride of intellectual skepticism, and even more chance if you will simply try DILIGENTLY to see Him, to take the route of pragmatism of William James, that is “test it, try it, and prove it.”

You will certainly want to free download this beginning of the second year of Preaching thru the Bible from SunGrist at

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