Public Service about Januvia from MedsEngage in Canada!

NOTE from Jerry McMichael and SunGrist: This is a product and product service, Januvia from MedsEngage that I am more than willing to advertise and back, because it so much less expensive than what you can get in the US, because the Januvia is the same product company, Merck, as what you get in the US, and you very well know we are paying too much for medicine in our country.

Below is the Letter from MedsEngage that I received from my Affiliate Manager:

I am Steve from, I am appointed as your affiliate manager. I have enrolled you in our affiliate program. You can log into your affiliate account using your current email and password.

You can Log In your Affiliate account by the following link and track your referrals and sales.

This is your affiliate Referral link:

You can share this link with your audience.

You can also make any product URLs into your affiliate URL by adding ?acc=jerryvmc

If you need further information kindly let us know, we will make it more profitable.

Thanks & Regards
Customer Support |
Toll Free: 1-800-986-4714 | Fax: 1-800-986-4751
Mailing Address: MedsEngage Inc.1918 St Regis Blvd, Dorval, QC, H9P 1H6, Canada

And below is the necessary link for you to shop and order from MedsEngage:

Check it out for yourself at , and remember what they say in their home ad is true, shown below: IT IS AFFORDABLE MEDICINE FOR AMERICANS OR ANY PERSONS IN THE WORLD!

MedsEngage of Canada

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