One Commentary on Romans, One Baptism is the One Salvation.

The 7 original volumes of the Learn Christ Bible studiy series has been expanded to 12 volumes with the addition of Bible studies on Ephesians, Revelation, Romans, the Gospel of John, and the Gospel of Mark. The 12 are listed below, most of which are already on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

12 Volumes of Expanded Learn Christ Commentaries
1. Prophets and Apostles.
2. Christ for Individuals, 5 books of the Apostle John.
3. Remember My Bonds, 14 letters of the Apostle Paul.
4. The Falling Away, the book of Hebrews.
5. The 19 Writing Prophets.
6. Jeremiah and Prophesy.
7. Literal Forever Kingdom.
8. One Commentary on Ephesians.
9. Get Real and Relevant on Revelation.
10. One Commentary on Romans.
11. Bible Reports for Believing, the Gospel of John.
12. Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away, the Gospel of Mark.…/B088…/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_eos_detail

Announcing the addition to LCC and Amazon of a new Bible study on the book of Romans with emphasis on a subject about which you hear little, “One Baptism is the One Salvation”, This tenth in the 12 volumes of the Expanded LCC Bible studies is presently available in both Kindle and Paperback on amazon.
With this additional time on your hands and this world crisis of the pandemic, it is a good time to get serious about Bible study. You will find few books like from SunGrist that support all comments or statements with many quotes from the Bible. Bible quotes are shown in green, notes in blue; and there is a lot more green in these Bible commentaries.

As soon as I have time to publish it also on my SendOwl distributor, I will be able to send you a free copy. If you are a Kindle member, you can get the Kindle copy free now.

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