Manual for Church Growth the NT way (from Paul and II Timothy).

NOTE: Thom Rainer and President J. D. Grear do not know how because they do not believe the church and churches are in a falling away now.

Manual for Growing the Church the NT way from Paul and II Timothy is now available in 3 formats:

(1) Directly from SunGrist on the Golden Edition pubs at ;

and (2) on amazon in paperback and kindle at .

Do not forget the Golden Edition is generally half price as compared to the Amazon paperbacks. And here is the link for this Manual direct from SunGrist thru SendOwl if you want to read the sales page with more info. (It is a shock to many like in the link to SendOwl above to only one little window for you email address, and then you buy.

SunGrist (Jerry McMichael) has up to date published 51 book on Amazon which include the paperback and Kindle editions, and approximately 15 books directly distributed in the low cost SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs.

Amazon Author Page for Jerry McMichael
  1. You can browse the 51 on Amazon at the Author page on Amazon for Jerry McMichael (SunGrist) at .
  2. Also there is a photo summary with titles of the 51 on two places of SunGrist Facebook:
  3. (1). ON the Profile pages of Jerry McMichael at; and
  4. (2) ON the SunGrist on Amazon page of .
  5. You can browse most of the SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs also on facebook at the Storefront for SGEpubs at:

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