PTB2-9: Hideout for Bad Habits #6, Seven Abominations to God!

NOTE: Never a Substitute for Obedience.

7 Abominations To The Lord

Proverbs 6:16-19 says there are six things the Lord hates but seven are an abomination to Him.

How can God hate six things but seven be an abomination to Him?

The answer is.

Because it’s a riddle.

And because two of the seven abominations are actually caused by the same one thing.

This makes six things.

Here’s the list can you tell which one thing causes two of the seven abominations.

1. A Proud Look.

2. A Lying Tongue.

3. Hands That Shed Innocent Blood.

4. Heart That Deviseth Wicked Imaginations.

5. Feet That Be Swift In Running To Mischief.

6. A False Witness That Speaketh Lies.

7. He That Soweth Discord Among Brethren.

Did you see it, or did you give up?

I don’t know if you noticed or not but number two and number six are both liars except the liar in number six is lying as a witness to get someone else in serious trouble.

Proverbs 19:5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.

The above list and riddle is Thanks to

According to Jeremiah 7:21 and following, in the sight of God there never has been or every will be a substitute for “obedience”.  Even as the God spoke through the Prophet Samuel much earlier in Israel, Behold to obey is better than to sacrifice”  (I Samuel 15:22), so now in Jeremiah God says through the Prophet Jeremiah that the original command of God to the people out of Egypt was “to obey” above burnt offerings and sacrifices.  (Jeremiah 7:21-23)  God reminds then in Jeremiah 7:23-27 what the commandment was immediately out of Egypt.

5-1:  God’s Commands Out of Egypt from Jeremiah 7:23-27.

1.  Obey My Voice.  (7:23) This is really a continuation of LISTEN already found in the first verses of Jeremiah 7, and one echoed to all God’s people throughout the Bible.

2.  If you obey the voice of God, God promises to be your God.  (7:23)  You see how belonging to God in any day depends on obedience to God.  To be called the people of God has the conditions of obedience.

3.  Then you shall be the people of God.  (7:23).  While all that came out of Egypt were many times called by God Himself as “my people” and “God’s people”, it was sort a selective national process that could not last over 40 years without a response of continued obedience on the part of the people.  Oh, if we had this enlarged concept of the people of God in any church or temple or nation, how much it would help the land and the people!  WITHOUT CONTINUED OBEDIENCE OVER A PERIOD OF 40 YEARS OR MORE, YOU CAN NOT IN ANY CHURCH OR TEMPLE OR HOUSE OF GOD BE CALLED BY GOD THE PEOPLE OF GOD!

          4.  Directly proportional to the way God’s people “walk in the ways of God” is the measure of how well it will be for the people and the land.  (7:23).  The way of God in this verse are explained as the commands of God.  And we are back again to II Chronicles 7:14 where Solomon dedicated the temple, and subsequently God told Solomon “If my people who are called by name…” etc. with a promise to heal the land and the people; or a curse on the land and the people if they did not keep the commands or covenant of God.  {Of course we can also repeat that many other places in the life of the nation of Israel, generally God’s chosen people, right up until the fullness of the Gentiles started, like for example in the messages of Moses to the congregation of Israel.}

5.  The forefathers out of Egypt did not obey or incline their ear.  (7:24)  And here we get deeper into the concept of LISTEN in the Bible as “obey and incline their ear.”  In fact, one might say from a total Bible perspective, that the “obey and incline their ear”, the listen if you please, is also the equivalent from Jesus of “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  It will go well for you and your things and your land and people if you place a priority of God and His kingdom.

6.  Instead of listening, God’s people out of Egypt “followed the counsels and dictates of their own hearts”.  (Jeremiah 7:24)  This is also a consistent message of the Bible for all of God’s people, church or Temple:  it is a matter of “an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God”; it is a matter of the “spirit within us that lusteth to envy” (James) that leads to fighting and wars between churches and denominational organizations; it is a matter of intolerance toward sound doctrine that heaps up teachers with itching ears because that is the majority heart felt “desire” of the congregation (II Timothy 4:4,5); it is the counsel of men like Jannes and Jambres in II Timothy 3:1-9 that leads to the bad follies of church members who “have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof”, eventually leading to the Falling Away of intolerance toward sound doctrine of II Timothy 4:4,5 because such bad follies among church members are no longer revealed; it is the counsels of such false leaders that lead to perversions  of sound doctrine founded in a departure from the faith “once for all delivered to the saints”  (Jude 3);  and it is the influence of the world in our communities that lead to the following of such desires and influences to call down on us the judgment of Ephesians 4:4 that in our churches “that is not the way we learned Christ”.

7.  The Forefathers out of Egypt went “backwards” not “forwards”  (7:24).  Could it be said of your church today that it is going backwards instead of forward?

5-2:  A Summary of the People from Moses to Jeremiah by God Himself.

God reminds His people how He is always sending Prophets and other servants to speak to them! (Jeremiah 7:25) 

1.  God and the Prophets and servants would each day get up early in order to warn the people.  {Surely it would remind one how God through Christ, since all things in nature consist through Christ according to Colossians, get up early to remind God’s people today through a series of national calamities on the land and the people, that they really have not sufficiently in spite of all the houses of prayer and worship, sort of a lie and a substitute, have not sufficiently amended their ways and actions.}  There are still more on the bad side of follies and habits than on the good side of obedience.

2.  They, the people from Moses to Jeremiah, “did not obey Me or incline their ear”  (7:26).  They did not listen, nor today in the time of the Falling Away and the time of the intolerance toward sound doctrine of II Timothy 4:4,5 as the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness in the world floods into the church, are the churches listening to the warnings and messages of God through the Bible and the series of calamities on the land.  There are, today, like in the time of Jeremiah and in the wilderness, as many scoffers among God’s people than in the rest of the world who are saying “Don’t worry, we are okay; and things will continue as they have always been.”  WE MUST DURING THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THIS IS NOT THE PAST, AND THERE IS NO TIME WHAT WITH THE FALLING AWAY OF A TIME IN HISTORY LIKE THE PRESENT.  The churches are not the same, the world is not the same, and the people and the land of America are not the same!

3.  The nation of Israel and Judah have “stiffened their neck”.  (Jeremiah 7:26)  {We will also need to find New Testament equivalents of the stiff neck in later chapters as we brings home how churches today are a “Den of Thieves”, how in perhaps more gracious words they have become “A Hideout for Bad Habits”–some, no doubt having even passed the point of no return for candlestick removal.}  Each generation and the present generation during Jeremiah’s day had “done worse than their forefathers”.

4.  Therefore Jeremiah would speak the Temple message to them, and they would not listen (7:27).  They would not obey the Prophet of God just like churches today will not obey the message from Christ and God through preachers today, often heaping out the preachers that continue to warn them with sound doctrine.  Even as the people of Jeremiah’s day ridiculed him, refused to listen, and even persecuted him, so the people today “heap up to themselves teachers with itching ears”, in the days of Jeremiah it was most of the priests, other religious leaders, many other prophets, and the government of the land.  Jeremiah did indeed “call” to them, but there was no answer to his call!

5-3:  God Forsakes the Generation of His Wrath.

Jeremiah 7 starting with 7:28 and going through 8:3 describe how God has forsaken this “generation” of His own people.

1.  God’s Judgement Decision on the Nation.  (7:28)  Essentially they were also “weighed in the balance of God and found wanting”.  To paraphrase the words from God Himself as recorded in 7:28:  the nation of Judah is a nation that does not hear the voice of God {again does not listen}, and a nation that does not receive correction.  Since they did not in spite of many messages from God amend their ways, they also did not receive correction.  {Surely you must think of how between the perilous times of II Timothy 3 and the “time will come” of II Timothy 4:4,5 here “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God”, the Word of God is not given to simply take to church and briefly talk about it for a few minutes on Sunday, but also for “correction, doctrine, and instruction in righteousness.”}  This was the point of no return for the Temple and the nation.  It was not the point of judgment execution which happened a few years later as God used the nation of Babylon to destroy Jerusalem and take captive the people.  And so with you church which may have been removed from Christ’s candlesticks, or even of you as a Christian or church member may have been cast off from God and Christ, so the point of decision will precede significant the point of implement after the Second Coming of Christ when the tares are separated in the churches and kingdom from the wheat.

2.  “Truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth”.  (7:28b)  How tragic it is when the Great God of the Universe who loves and tries so hard to communicate His commands and subsequent blessings or curses to those that are called by His own Name to decide that even beyond listening they have been separated from the truth of God.  Surely you must think of II Timothy 4:4,5 of how during these days of the Falling Away the people of God in the churches will no longer endure sound doctrine.  Does not an intolerance toward sound doctrine beg the same issue as “truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth”.  The people of God no longer speak truth, nor their leaders:  they rather speak lies and the lie.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but out of their own desires will they heap up teachers with itching ears, turn away from the truth and turn into fables.”  (II Timothy 4:4,5)

3.  “the LORD has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath”  (7:29)  It is time for lamentation, as you well know Jeremiah did in the book of Lamentations, for this is the time and the generation that God made a decision and judgment based on “wrath”.  You know it happens in other “nows” or “todays” of history, like after 40 years of an evil heart of unbelief in the wilderness on the part of the congregation under Moses, like Paul reminds us can happen to church brethren today as recorded in Hebrews; and like happened again to the Temple and God’s Jewish people after the crucifixion of Christ which this time the Temple and Jerusalem were destroyed in 70 A.D. by Rome.  {Where God used Babylon in Jeremiah’s generation, He used Rome in the generation of Christ.}  While it is not fair to blame todays falling away in churches on the generation of the boomers since the before and after generations are also failing to make amend of ways and actions, if we can go by God’s present judgment on the land and the people measured by the recent series of calamities and surely we can according to the Word of God in II Chronicles 7:14, still the boomers have been a large and influential generation toward forsaking the commandments of God.

4.  God says, “The children of Judah have done evil in My sight”.  (7:30)  You do not misunderstand God here.  It is plain spoken.  Look at the nation of Judah, well, in My sight and my judgment they “have done evil”.  How do you worm out of that; how do you ignore it; and can you fail to apply this portion of the Word of God as an example for your church and the churches of America today.  However, God gets even more specific on what these evils in His sight are!  {You see it does not matter so much ultimately what you consider evil or good, bad or good; but it is what is perceived as evil in God’s sight; and that is what He is about to tell us in Jeremiah 7:30 and following.}

     (1).  They have set their abominations in the House of God.  We saw that word “abominations” in a previous verse, that of Jeremiah 7:10 where the people in coming to worship would effectively say, “we are delivered to do all these abominations”; and the abominations referred to the previous verse, 7:9, where the abominations are listed as violations of the 10 commandments of God.  Also we are reminded of the famous 7 abominations to God–6 that God hates and 7 that are an abomination to Him, of Proverbs 6:16. 

     A PROUD LOOK {yes, believe it or not pride is still in this evolved and enlightened society an abomination to God, thus you find in the list of church follies of II Timothy 3:1-9 “love of self” and “pride”}

     A LYING TONGUE {even as God considers as a “thief” those who would merchandise in a house of God, or make a profit, or also those who make it a hideout for their bad habits, so God considers also a lie falsity and insincerity in worship even as a outright violation of the law}

     HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD {you know how God accused the people of the Temple and of Jerusalem, even of the whole nation of Judah, of the shedding of innocent blood:  well, God hates that also, and you will recall that what a faithful spokesman from God like Jeremiah escaped the shedding of his innocent blood although throw in prison, many others outspoken servants of God did not!}

     A HEART THAT DEVISES WICKED PLANS {I have seen that happen in a small mountain community church and in a larger Navy community church, where influential tares in the church devised and carried out their wicked plans, hiding those plans like the people of Jeremiah’s day under the disguise of the majority}

     FEET THAT ARE SWIFT IN RUNNING TO EVIL {Oh the ingenuity and subtly of church members when out of their desires and the spirit within them that lusteth to envy devise wicked plans, then swiftly engineer a vote and supporters of heaped up itching ears Bible teachers and preachers to apply feet to their evil!}

     A FALSE WITNESS WHO SPEAKS LIES {Apply the Bible to “lies” they can be in the words or they can be behind the words with the un-amended ways!}

     AND ONE WHO SOWS DISCORD AMONG BRETHREN {What now is an abomination to God on which a judgment decision has been made, to be implement at the gathering of tares and wheat, applies to those fundamentalists of the fighting spirit, where the spirit within us that lusteth to envy is allowed control, who have sown in the last 20 years and now discord among other brethren of the Southern Baptist Convention, placing the derogatory title of “moderates” on them, destroying careers among church leaders and seminary professors and reputations!}

     (2).  They have “polluted” the house which is called by My Name.  (7:30)  When you consider the Den of Thieves complex, or the Hideout for Bad Habits, from Jeremiah, you also recall that when Jesus cleansed the temple of Thieves, etc., He was cleansing the temple of pollution.  Recall that what God though, Jesus learned from Him and taught; and also that the Spirit of Jesus was active writing through the Prophets in the Old Testament, so that Jesus was well aware with all these aspects of the Temple Message of Jeremiah, all of these pollutions of the House called by His Father’s own name, when He purged the temple of bad habits.

     (3).  They had built the high places of Tophet in the Valley of the Son of Hinnon, a place of idol worship where they burned their own sons and daughters; I think that God says He never commanded, or that ever entered into the mind of God.  (7:31)  Once again the steady message of the Bible is “to obey is better than to sacrifice”.

      (4).  This brings a prediction of the impending judgment on Judah from God through Jeremiah:  This valley will be called the Valley of Slaughter because Judah will bury there so many dead that they will run out of room.  (7:32)  “The days are coming, says the LORD.”   And we know from the rest of Jeremiah and latter Prophets of the Old Testament of how this literally happened as the Babylonians came against Jerusalem.

         a.  The corpses of the people were food for the birds.  There was no time or people left to bury the dead after the attack and captivity.

          b.  The bodies became prey for the beasts of the earth so there were also in the desolate city ruins and countryside few little to do the work of burial.

          c.  The voice of gladness and mirth would cease from the streets and cities of Judah.

          d.  The job of the wedding feast with the voice of the bride and the bridegroom would no longer be heard.  Even as “marrying and giving in marriage” are signs of routine disrupted at the Second Coming, and even as Jesus showed His concern for marriage and the family in the feast at Cana, so the opposite of no routine is a sign of the lack of joy and happiness in the land.

          e.  “For the land shall be desolate”  (7:34).  You might say this is the ultimate in the lack of healing of the land presented in a previous chapter, and of II Chronicles where if the people do not amend their ways, the land will not be healed…that is, when the land becomes desolate, the lack of healing of the land has reached ultimate proportions.  Granted the same scoffers who would deny that God destroyed the whole earth by the Flood many years ago, and would deny that God will destroy the whole earth with fire the next time, are the same people who would scoff at both God’s judgment of wrath on Judah and God’s promise to without healing on the land as the people fail to LISTEN.

5.  “At that time”, says God:  (1) the grave robbers will spread out in the sun the buried bones of Kings of Judah, of princes, priests, prophets, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem.  It would be these same people of the Temple, who ignored the message of God and taunted His Prophet Jeremiah that would have their bones removed from the grave where fellow citizens have put them as they died from starvation in the walls of Jerusalem; (2) the bones would be out there in the sun, the moon, and the whole host of heaven that these same citizens worshipped and served and after which “they sought and walked”; (3) their bodies shall become like the refuse on the earth which perhaps is a little better than we are learning about plasticized bodies on display in a Bond movie and across the land, especially from China, where the concept of the deceased was not granted; (4) the few that remain in the land shall chose death over life, and those who survive to go to another land where God Himself has driven them.

Harsh judgment on the part of God?  None the less than the efforts on the part of the people of God over many years to make God mad by what they were doing; no less than the abominations that were done in the Temple of the Name of God in open sight of all the people and in the sight of God!

5-4:  The Perils of False Teaching from Jeremiah 7-10.

We must hasten to close this chapter of “Den of Thieves” lest it become too long; however not before we briefly mention the peril of false teachings of Jeremiah chapters 7-10.  Already it has become obvious that what God’s people the day of Temple destruction were doing to replace the commandments of God is very similar to the intolerance toward sound doctrine of churches during the Falling Away.  {See II Timothy 4:4,5 and the quote of the same above.}  We are out of the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7 and 26, but we are still in the message from God through Jeremiah to the people of God.

1.  The Rise and Fall of Jerusalem is a “Perpetual Backsliding”.  (8:4,5)  We begin to see the words and character of God as expressed in the New Testament that “God is patient, nor willing that any should perish”; how that God is slow to anger but surely to wrath in the face of continued long term disobedience in spite of all warning messages that come from Him.  (1) They hold fast to deceit; (2) they refuse to return; (3) God has been listening to them but they did not speak rightly {they spoke untruth and unsound doctrine}; (4) not one man repented of his wickedness; (5) but they justified themselves like church members do today about unsound doctrine and bad follies and habits, saying “What have I done?”  {I recall one church member of bad habits who wanted to be a deacon although divorced who said something similar in that he spoke “why should I be treated differently like a second class church member?”}; and (6) everyone turned to his own course, another descriptive word for “ways” or habits, another way to describe the idols people make today when rather than seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, they plow their own way of life around things.  Granted Judah and Jerusalem, even the Temple, had its ups and downs of revival and evil ways; but the dominant trend like in American churches and history today was one of “perpetual backsliding”. {Recall the difference between the perilous times of II Timothy 3:1-9 and the time of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:4,5 is when:  (1) the All Scripture verbal expression in between does not lead to the methods of correction, doctrine, and instruction in righteousness; and (2) when the follies of 3:1-9 of church members with a form of religious worship but without any inward power of God and from God no longer have those follies publicly revealed as today in churches.

2.  God’s people do not know “the judgment of the LORD” (8:7) like the stork, turtledove, swift, and swallow know their appointed times.

3.  Well, isn’t this timely like today as the people of God were saying that the “wise” and the “law” of God are with us.  The truth is that the false pen of the scribe works falsehood; the wise men are ashamed, dismayed, and taken captive; and since they have rejected “the word of the LORD” what wisdom can they have.  (8:8,9)

4.  God will give the wives of the people of God to others; their fields to the captors and the residue left in the country; and for what reasons?

     (1).  From the least to the greatest they are given to covetousness.  {Remember the spirit within us which lusteth to envy of James, that spirit which causes fighting and wars, well that is spirit that covets.  From the prophet to the priest, all deal falsely.  (8:10)

        (2).  The Prophets and the Priests only gave slight healing to the people and the land, since they have been saying “Peace, peace” while there is no peace.  It is part of the lie; and it a lie to say “Peace, peace”, when God has already said that there will not be any more peace with a repentance toward wickedness.  {Can it be said that a House of Lies goes with a Den of Thieves?}

         (3).  The religious leaders were not ashamed, did not even blush, when they themselves committed abominations.  {Surely by now you are beginning to know the abominations as violations of the ten commandments and of the seven things which God Himself hates.}

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Here is a little reminder of the Gospel Tract Series from SunGrist on Amazon and #10 in the series, “The Gospel of World Love” since with the corresponding title of “The Gospel of Prosperity and Success” is easily correlated in Jeremiah and the Bible with “Never a substitute for obedience”, in other words there is no sacrifice on the part of a temple (house of prayer and worship) attendee that can take the place of obedience to the Word of God.

Often what we think of as a sacrifice or deed for God is a substitute for what we know we should be doing in the matter of obedience to God!
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