PTB2-10: The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy (Preaching)

Regular programming is interrupted, no enhanced, by the announcement of a new Bible study series from SunGrist on Amazon with the publication of # 5 in the series, “Him on the Great White Throne, the Lamb, and the Seven Spirits (Book II of the Harmony)”

The following is one short from the book:

4.  Some warnings about topics in Revelation.

     (1)  Kingdom in the book, the Forever Kingdom Jesus established on earth when He came preaching “the gospel of the kingdom”.  This is one reason that “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy” or preaching, which you already know as “when the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save those that believe”; and Paul in I Corinthians 14 established the principle that prophesy is preaching, whether of the OT Prophets or the church and the kingdom.

     (2) Day of wrath in the book.  Consistently in the Prophets of the OT, in Acts, and in the Apostles of the NT, there is the persistent thread finally and fully realized in the book of Revelation, the ONE DAY OF WRATH of the LORD God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Granted tribulation can be confusing, both great and final.  Great was during the first two centuries of Christian testimony, and Revelation deals with extensively like with the souls under the altar that were martyred for their faith, and in the messages of the Ascended Christ to the seven churches (to all churches as seven is the number of completion); and most of the final tribulation dealt with and repeated with many images is of two kinds;  that tribulation caused by Satan when he is allowed by Him on the throne to reap vengeance and justice on unbelievers.

NOTE:  Justice in Revelation can be a sticky point unless you have in your previous Bible the concept of how serious unbelief, a lack of faith and acknowledgement and worship, is to God the Father.  More serious than murder, adultery, drunkenness, and all other sins you can name.  It is the great sin, the only sin that can send a soul to hell.

Introducing the Series: The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy (Preaching)
1. Book of Revelation in context of the New Pentateuch and Bible (CFI # 2)
2. Harmony of Revelation, Daniel, and Ephesians Book I.
3. Get Real and Relevant on Revelation.
4. Final Tribulation.
5. Him on the Great White Throne, the Lamb, and the Seven Spirits (Book II of the Harmony).
6. Who is Jesus, The Testimony of Jesus in the Gospel of John.
7. World Passeth Away, what manner of Persons? The Little Epistles of John.
8. In Romans, Paul on His Beloved Israel and Last things, Romans II.
This as all SunGrist (Jerry McMichael) Bible studies (commentaries) is interactive with links to the 3 SunGrist websites online making this one book with research capability seem like 10. They are in color with green for quotes and blue for notes. The most outstanding characteristic of these Bible studies is that no point is made without a Bible quote for proof, and it is safe to say short of the remaining books on the shelves from Dr. R. G. Lee, who liscensed me to preach, these books contain more substance, quotes, notes, and comments than almost any on the market.

Although you can not be instructed by an elder to the Apostle John, to eat the book, sweet in your mouth and bitter in your stomach, you can whet your appetite for more on the book of Revelation and last things (eschatology) by reading the CONTENTS.


Preface:  the great day of his wrath is come. 7

I.  The sequence of events that John saw, heard, and was told to write down. 9

1.  Eschatology in the Old Testament. ( Eschatology in the Prophets). 10

2.  Obadiah. 11

3.  Joel. 14

4.  Daniel, the Predictive Historian. 17

5.  Zechariah 14 and Isaiah 5. 34

Zechariah 14 New King James Version (NKJV). 34

The Day of the Lord. 34

6.  Quick Survey of the Prophets, Listening More Important than Sacrifice. 35

Table 14-1 on Last Things Cycles of Historical Events. 67

III.  Second, a review of the Forever Kingdom in the Bible. 69

IV.  A short survey of events. 84

Revelation 4:  The Door Opened to Heaven with a Vision of God and the Lamb of God. 85

4.  Around the throne of God were 25 elders with crowns of gold on their head, no doubt evidence that they had received after meritorious service their crowns of life, an no doubt men like Moses, David, Enoch, and Noah. 85

5.  The visual and sound effects coming from the throne:  lightning, thunder, and voices (John because of his service and taking care of Mary and work among the churches and yet to be a Prophet before Kings, was given a glimpse of God the King in control. 85

Revelation 5:  the scene of the book in the right hand of God on the throne with 7 seals on it. 86

Revelation 6:  The Lamb opens the seven seals. 87

Revelation 7:  Signature of God placed on foreheads before the beginning of tribulation only previously surveyed in very general terms except for the clarity on the One day of diminished light at the end. 88

Revelation 8:  ONE DAY OF OT AND NT.  The Great and Notable Day of the LORD and Lord. 88

More Details of the Great and Notable One Day of the LORD and Lord. 93

Revelation 15:  Seven angels with the seven last plagues. 93

Revelation 16:  The seven angels each pour out their vial on earth, and at the seventh “It is done.”  An Intro to the Second Coming. 93

Revelation 9:   The Little Season starts (fifth trumpet) with the Release of Satan from bondage, and the Bush Destruction of Iraqi (sixth trumpet). 93

Revelation 10 & 11:  THE FINAL TRIBULATION PERIOD.  When the silence of heaven is broken with seven thunders not to be known until they happen. 96

Revelation 11:  The Temple of God. 109

V.  Now that we have surveyed the whole Tribulation period or allowed by what John recorded to survey FINAL TRIBULATION HISTORY we must with other chapters and sections fill in some of the details. 115

(1).  Revelation 9 with the sounding of the fifth trumpet gives some more details of the beginning of final tribulation. 115

(2).  IN Revelation 12, which of course starts with the Woman Mary, identifies further Satan as the Devil 116

(3a)  In Revelation 20, Satan begins his captivity of a thousand years. 116

(3b).  But also Revelation 20 records some of the details of the loosing of Satan   116

(4).  The Great While Throne, Judgment, and Heaven and Hell. 116

(5).  Revelation 21 and 22, another place there should be one chapter, Heaven with New Jerusalem comes down to the new earth under the new heavens. 117

Revelation 12:  Another vision with a woman in heaven with a crown of seven stars, and the dragon cast out to earth who warred against her and her seed. 117

Revelation 13:  John saw a beast rising out of the sea with seven heads and on each one was blasphemy. 117

Revelation 14:  The Lamb stood on Mount Zion with a 144,000 with the Father’s name on their foreheads. 117

Second Coming of Christ. 117

Revelation 17:  John, come up the seven angels said and see the great judgment on the great whore, Babylon. 122

Revelation 18:  Babylon is fallen. 122

Revelation 19:  Hallelujah, salvation belongs to God, marriage of the Lamb, white horse with the Word of God, and the Lamb wipes out the beast and his mighty army. 122

Revelation 20:  After a thousand years Satan that came down out heaven is loosed. 122

Revelation 21:  John saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the former had passed away. 122

Revelation 22:  Continued Description of the City and final statements. 122

VI.  It is all there on a large scale in Revelation 11.  (Bottom line of the work and plan of God for heaven, earth, and the new earth. 122

1.  The two olive trees of Zechariah 4:3 and 11. 124

2.  It is two TWOS, the witnesses of the Word and the Spirit from heaven and the Church and the Kingdom on earth. 124

3.  The Two Witnesses on earth that die and are Resurrected are the Church and the Kingdom. 125

The magnitude of what is happening in Revelation 11 is so great that it blows the mind, and makes it almost impossible to get into the earlier imagery of Zechariah.  And we are seeing nothing less than the Resurrection from the death and the Ascension of the church and the kingdom up into heaven, an event that the whole world sees. 125

4.  Revelation 11:13 is the One day of the Lord hitting Jerusalem. 125

5.  The Remnant of Jews saved. 125

6.  The Church and the Kingdom are measured. 125

VII.  What is left for the last 11 chapters of Revelation centers around the Tabernacle of God with man of the New Jerusalem.  (The Forever Solution versus the Temporal Problems.). 126

VIII.  Repetitions in Revelation. 126

2.  A preliminary formulation and look at our REPEAT Tables. 131

NOTE: Each of those major points in the Contents can easily be found in the book by clicking on the link.

This is the Kindle edition on Amazon now, the paperback will be available shortly, look for this double cover image.

Paperback of “HIM”
Front and Back Cover of Paperback

NOTE: Still respect Dr. Ray Summers, my instructor at Baylor in graduate Bible study with his title, “Worthy is the Lamb”, and his courage like Daniel in the lions den to put forth a work in the midst of all the Scofield mites. In short, I have included the Lamb in the title, but beyond that “Him that sat on the Throne”, what I find to be the prime subject of Revelation, reminding us each time we see it of at least two things: (1) To have so much respect for the great Creator of the Universe to at first in Revelation of no mention of His real names except “HIM”; and (2) Our Heavenly Father has always been and will always be in charge or control.

“ …Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.”  (Revelation 5:13)

You certainly will want to download a free copy of this message and ad, thank you, Jerry McMichael for SunGrist. It contains with the CONTENTS both a good study outline and a good teaching and preaching outline. The problem with most outlines on Revelation is that they fail to take into account the frequent time zone changes, for example the burning up of all green grass at the sounding of the fourth trumpet and then at the fifth trumpet, earlier in time with green grass, and on Revelation 9, we have the coronavirus which marks the historical Loosing of Satan or a Little or Short Season in the words of Daniel.

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