Den and WCDWYTH on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle in 13 Countries.

“Den of Thieves from Jeremiah and Jesus” is now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and in many countries like UK shown in the image. Yet readers still refuse to perceive the truth that God Himself through Jeremiah saw how many that had the nerve to go to a house of God worship, were all during the week taking advantage of others, and thinking because of their wealth or status, that they were blessed by God to take advantage of other people. A notable example today is George Soros who thinks God has blessed him with wealth in order to destroy others with his false concept of an Open Society.

About “Den of Thieves”:

You are going to have to get more serious about this matter of Christian faith, or the IN CHRIST of faith in what He did on the cross for forgiveness of sins as well as in the Resurrction of the dead to share eternal life, and for the faith once for all delivered to the saints in the Bible which is Word of God. MTD will absolutely no do it, as that belief system is very close to no faith in God, Christ, and the Bible at all. As preachers like Peter Marshall prophesied (preached) in the 50’s, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”, but not heeded by church members or American society during since the falling away from real God, real Christ, and real Bible; and now fulfilled from the parents and teachers in the lifes of the millenniums–a belief system in almost nothing except the American Democratic faith. As American citizens of equality under the law, we can be grateful for that; however for Christian life and living according to the ALL Scripture method and movement it is vastly inadequate. Any Christian that strives to live life with only that faith in a Civic Religion is like an automobile firing on only one cylinder.

All Scripture Christian Life and Living Books:

1. Friends of Jesus in this Bible and Computer Age.

2. One Commentary on Ephesians, Peace of Ultimate Integration.

3. Some Sounds of Sound Faith.

4. Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away.

5. What the Churches Don’t Want You to Hear.

6. “Den of Thieves” from Jeremiah and Jesus.

7. Hideout for Bad Habits.

8. Technical Applications of Computers.

9. American Thought for Christians.

And specifically what you will find for contents in Den of Thieves–

“Den of Thieves” from Jesus. 5

Temple Message of Jeremiah 7. 22

“Den of Thieves” is a Hideout for Bad Habits. 25

Never a Substitute for Obedience! 36

Rebels without a Future. 51

When The Land Is Not Healed! (II Chronicles 7:14). 69

The Famous Temple Message of Jeremiah. 88

The Less Apparent. 123

The Big Lie: We Are the House of God. 139

Falling Away: A Grassroots Movement of God’s People. 151

The Beginnings of Intolerance in Churches. 163

7 Historical Sources of Unsound Doctrine. 180

Fake Worship. 204

How Can You ID False Teachers and Prophets? 227

The Influence of the Tares. 247

“Backsliding” at the House of God. 262

Den of Thieves Available in the UK at


Also like in Canada, “What Churches Don’t Want You to Hear”, the biggest respectable cover up in America, and perhaps in the world.

What Churches Don’t Want You to Hear?

WCDWYTH in Canada at

IN Canada

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