The Christian Public needs to Read More with Online PDF, you can find anything there for Research.

This SunGrist Golden Edition Pub is offered free to all as an introduction to the S-Geps, SunGrist Golden Edition Pubs, and simultaneously promote the neglected value of PDF, the Portable Document Format (PDF). Widely used in Aerospace Companies, it has yet to find its proper place among students of the Bible. Also the central and thorough Bible subjects of One Commentary on Ephesians like the Cause of Christ and the Revealed Mystery of Christ, and an outstanding statement of faith and practice by the second greatest Christian to ever live on planet earth, the Apostle Paul. In short, all Christians, especially youth, need it at no cost. “Freely we have received, freely we give.” and “More Bible, More World.” If you fail to get your free copy, simply email to and request your free copy of the SGEP One Commentary on Ephesians. While it is long, 481 pages long, the Talbe of Contents has been thoroughly constructed for finding with control/click, any chapter or chapter section.This Bible study on Ephesians represents a lifetime of work for Jerry McMichael (SunGrist) and also represents some of the best of SunGrist: interactive online with the 3 websites of SunGrist and other references, in color, no statement is made with one or more proof quotes from the Bible, and it is Christian life and living centered for focus like the job, the boss, and purpose in life


483 pages long to be exhaustive on Ephesians and what some like Carver has said on it in “Glory of God in the Christian Calling”, nonetheless it is easy with the interactive table of contents to navigate through to your most interested subjects. Ever Christian active in Bible study needs a copy, and did I say, it is free?

“Freely we have received, freely we give.” And we do at SunGrist have another ulterior motive, you give you inside and accustomed to the 19 SunGrist Golden Edition pubs distributed by SendOwl for SunGrist. With the purpose also for world wide distribution–‘More Bible, more World” even besides the page on free downloads, this is another effort to “to go into the world and make disciples, and teach them in all things” Jesus and Bible.Let me reinforce the value of PDF books.. Have you noticed that increasingly at bookstores like Amazon, audio books are very popular. Well, with PDF, you can also click to have the book read to you, and Adobe PDF is free at .Test it, try it, and prove it, what do you have to lose. I have chosen carefully most of you friends because of your interest in and testimony for Bible study, don’t let me down. Jerry McMichael for SunGrist. And oh by the way during these quarantine days of the virus, this is a good option for your time and reading. It will bless you!

By the way, here is a list of the 19 books from SunGrist (Jerry McMichael) available now.

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