Today’s Children of the Sect of the Pharisee Believers.

Todays Children of the Sect of the Pharisee Believers.

One thing we learn for certain about the Jerusalem circumcision conference is that Messianc Judaisers and followers of Scofield theology can be believers, although clay and wood rather than silver and gold, and lesser gems in the household of God because of what they believe, practice, and mislead other believers on in the Church and Kingdom. We are not calling these inheritors of the sect of the Pharisees condemned at the Great Jerusalem Conference, because the record from God the Holy Spirit and Dr. Luke, says they were “believers”. Even as Jesus was able to say of the Pharisees that always heckled Him, “You are of your father the devil”, and when they claimed Abraham as their forefather; so also we can look at the followers and leaders of Scofield theology and the Messianic Judaisers today and tell them that their heritage forefathers in beliefs on the kingdom are followers of the sect of the Pharisee believers of the first century reprimanded in Acts 15.

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