Free Download of “Never Die” from Jesus.

“He that liveth and believeth on Me (Jesus of Nazareth) shall never die.” Too important for every friend, associate, family, and contact to know to simply alone let Amazon Kindle have it, so here with this link you can free download a SunGrist book on that subject. You have two sources for the download, chose the one that works best for you: (1) from the SunGrist webiste of , or (2) from sungrist.files here on Worpress at

or here on WordPress

Please download at the link above your personal and free copy!

Perhaps first, you would appreciate seeing the contents of this approximately 230 pages in color, interactive with links to websites including those of SunGrist, and so faithful to the Bible, not one point or statement or comment is made without proof with a Scriptural quote, you know “Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.”


CHAPTER 1         Friends of Jesus in this Bible and Computer Age.  5

John 11, The Death of Lazarus. 5

I Am the Resurrection and the Life. 6

Jesus and Death, the Last Enemy. 7

Lazarus Raised from the Dead.. 8

The Plot to Kill Jesus. 9

Biographical Sketch of Ann’s Notes. 23

A Eulogy for Ann. 27

CHAPTER 3         Who is this Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible?.. 33

John 1 in the New King James Version. 41

“Come and See” Jesus Introduction, The New Pentateuch of the  Apostle John.  43

The negative side of not listening to the words of Jesus is also in the Bible.  52

Implementation in the Epistles of John.. 62

“Come and See”, The Gospel of John. 63

“Come and SEE” is the Invitation of Today.. 69


CHAPTER 9         The Oneness of God and Jesus!. 80

Mourners and Believers.. 90

Grief in the Bible.. 97

Eulogy to Ann. 99

Eschatalogy in the Prophets.. 120

God’s Timetable for Termination of  This Age.. 130

“a little while” with “the little horn”.. 143

“the little horn”. 162

The Forever Kingdom in the Literal Bible.. 163

.. 163

Gospel of the King and the Kingdom.. 181

Gospel of the King and.. 211

Kingdom:  Romans and Hebrews. 211

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