TTB#3: Easing Into the teaching of the whole Bible

.Two main things are of concern today in this teaching thru the Bible: (1) that you grasp this concept of the magnitude to read a one book Bible study or commentary, that as a corollary you adjust to being involved with it; and (2) that every man, woman, and child and youth know that without exception no matter the present circumstances, or trials and tribulations or past relations with God through Christ and downfalls, has the right to live in eternity on the new earth with God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Book Bible

Copyright January 2020
SunGrist Bible Commentaries

Dedication: To all those that are hurting in the world. God the Father can and will, very willingly, help you, all you have to do is ask! It must be in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, because that is the only way of access to God the Father. Say not, “You can do what you have to do” no matter what the circumstances, because this takes the focus off God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins, and God the Holy Spirit Who came to earth to convict and convince the world of sin, or righteousness, and of judgment. To say “you can do what you have to do” puts the focus on self, which is the real problem anyway.

Introduction to the One Commentary in One Book. 3
Christ properly Learned is the Major Theme of One commentary, the must goal of Your Life! 27
LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, The OT according to the NT (Published originally as volume 1 of the LCC) 36
(Volume 2): Christ for Individuals, the NT books from the Apostle John of Revelation, the Gospel of John, and 3 epistles of John. 320
The Bok of Hebrews, originally volume 4 364
Jeremiah and Prophesy (volume 6 of the LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARIES) 803
(Originally Volume 3): BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED, the 14 New Testament letters of the Apostle Paul and of course the Holy Spirit. 1572
(volume 5): The Message of the Writing Prophets, 19 plus Writing Prophets of the Old Testament. 464
The Literal Forever Kingdom (orinally volume 7 of LCC) 1059
One Commentary on Ephesians (volume 8) 1277

Introduction to the One Commentary in One Book.
As a young man going to high school in Galena Park I would often ride the bus to downtown Houston in order to droll over the books at Brown Book Store. The love of books had started in Junior High at Bossier City where awards were achieved for reading books, but as a Freshman at Baylor reading in the library the essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson on “The American Scholar” the equal love of nature and real learning in books more than grades and degrees, was crystallized; and before at Browns I bought Haley’s One Book Commentary, as a good and active book Scout and Explorer Scout who was in the Order of the Arrow and a counselor at Camp Strake, first Roget’s Book of Birds was purchased.
This year when DTS kicked out on Amazon a One Book of two volumes, OT and NT, supposed Bible commentary based as almost all their teachings on Scofield Theology, and after having written an 8 volume set of Learn Christ Commentaries, it became apparent that a sound doctrine one book commentary in honor of “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) was needed to counter a false theology based on 3 words not even found in the literal Bible one time—rapture, millennium, and dispensationalism. Only the judgement day will show what harm DTS because of the false theology of Scofield, with their influential large pulpit pastor (goats in sheep’s clothing, disguised as Sothern Baptist when it is convenient) have done to Christianity, specially the SBC. It was once considered in the nature of churches in revelation that Houston, because of crime, was the seat of Satan; however, DTS must be the seat of Satan.

Actually by clicking in the green, you are subscribing to the One Book Bible commentary so that as changes are made in the future, and it is constantly updated, you can download it with the changes! And you will never pay anymore than the initial twenty dollars. It becomes sort of like a continuing dialog between you and the author.
After initial subscription, when you click in the green again, you will get the following message:
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