PTB2-28: Doctrine of Christ in the book of Hebrews.

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Preface:  Why is It So Difficult for Americans to See?

In these days of Falling Away, it is indeed the those that would advance beyond the Doctrine of Christ into theology, ignoring both the good preaching (prophesy) of the Bible  and good Bible preaching today unhampered by the restraints of theology.  {This is not to say that our preaching today is synonymous with the preaching of Jesus, the Prophets, and the Apostles in the complete measure of the influence of God the Holy Spirit; however in reality, the closer those two come together, determines the reliability and accuracy of both our Bible understanding and preaching!)  One good and recent example of how theology tries to advance ahead of the doctrine of Christ is Mohler on the Atonement.

“Christ died not as a substitute for all sinners but only for those predestined to believe, a leading Southern Baptist Calvinist said in a weekend podcast explaining the atonement, a Christian doctrine that describes how sinners are reconciled to God.”

“As I understand God’s Word, if Jesus truly died for the sins of all mankind, if even one of those persons ends up in hell, then that would make a mockery of the sufficiency of Christ’s atoning blood on Calvary’s cross,” said a caller to Albert Mohler’s “Ask Anything” weekend edition of his daily news podcast May 3. “Could you help me on this subject, please?”  {}

This makes a mockery of John 3:16 and the simplicity of the Good News of the Atonement, that “Christ died for the sins of the world”.  Statements like this one in his defense of theology, stating that “I believe that theology rooted unapologetically in Scripture is the only sure foundation for the home, the church, and the Christian life.” And similar statements by the President of Truett Seminary come short of both the Doctrine of Christ and the authority of Scripture as being not only rooted but dominate and the sole criterion for faith and practice.  {Mohler for Christianity Today on the humiliation of the SBC,  }  It truthfully seems that what we have is a humiliation of the shortcomings of theology to be the criterion that brings the Bible to the judgment bar of human wisdom and reasoning, no substitute for the preaching in the Bible and of the Bible.

Those conservatives have to appreciate most of what Mohler writes…however he overestimates and over states the importance of a dominance of theology in these words–


Because we hear a question ringing down through the corridors of time: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

In answering that question, what could be more important than theological education? What greater cause could form our joy and sense of moment tonight? In no small way we gather tonight to answer Christ’s question with a faithful assertion of both word and will.


How then does Jesus’ question in this text point to theological education as the most important endeavor on earth?

In its servant role to the church, theological education is the necessary means whereby pastors, preachers, teachers of the church, evangelists, missionaries, church planters, and church leaders are formed in the faith of the church – that faith that is orthodox, apostolic, biblical, and very much alive.


Doctrine and Spirit Go Hand in Hand: “The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy”.  About the title, it may seem strange to have a title from Revelation to begin this message from Hebrews; however the distortions of the Doctrine of Christ are as much “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils”  (I Timothy 4:3,4) as denying marriage for priests and forbidding good meat blessed by God for man’s needs.  Prophesy and preaching in the Bible are almost synonymous and inter-changeable:  when you have bad doctrine, their exist a bad human spirit even as when you have good and sound doctrine there is a good spirit sort of like the famous fiction book “The Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge” versus the bad spirit of the fiction based on fiction of the “Left Behind Series”.  Test the spirits, referring primarily to the spirit of men that are preachers, the Apostle John writes, for many evils spirits are gone out into the world.  From I Corinthians 14 we learn as churches and preachers are forbidden against unknown tongues that prophesy and preaching are about the same, and good preaching includes to exhort, comfort, and edify.  The Testimony of Jesus is the best sound doctrine of the Bible, and the Spirit of Prophesy or preaching is the best sound spirit.  Old Testament Prophets were the preachers of their day, and in spite of being unpopular compare to many preachers today, by and large they were rejected in their doctrines and spirit by God’s people.  Theology tries to replace the foolish nature of preaching as compared to the honor of the wisdom of this world, but buried in the very nature of “prophesy can not in old time by the will of man but by the spirit of God” is not only preaching but prediction, and the OT quotes in the NT explain what the Great Spirit of God the Holy Spirit is communicating, through Bible and through preaching.

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