PTB2-32: Great Design of the Bible

“Marvelous are all thy works of Creation, Oh Lord.”  We stand in awe of both the astronomical creations of God and the microscopic.  Man through the years has come to learn that even one atom is a marvel of a nucleus of positive protons holding together an equal number of electrons in orbit; think of just the marvel of water with two molecules of Hydrogen, a gas, with another on molecule of oxygen, making a liquid by which we live and survive, and the Periodic Table of Elements with well organized groups and rows is a discovery by man of some of the marvels of God’s creation, He whose righteousness and wisdom is greater than the mountains and deeper than the seas. Man is a marvel, and is called in the Bible the Crown of Creation.  Not nearly as many people appreciate that the structure of the Bible, God’s great design of the Bible over a period of two thousand years with selected and diverse men with different careers, is a miracle of design and construction with the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament holding it firmly together, this marvel of the work of God by the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son (the Word made flesh), and God the Holy Spirit.  As you read for starters here, first the whole outline of the Bible around 12 topics made possible by quotes in the New Testament of the most important Old Testament verses from Prophets and the Spirit, for Gentiles and Hebrews, then with the marvels of the proper interpretations by Jesus and the Apostles (the Bible is summarized by Apostles, Prophets, and the Holy Spirit), then applications and implementation to provide humanity with the wisdom of God based on His own character a guidebook for Life and Living.  Hopefully, an inspiration of your reading here will be what Jesus said of a balanced life, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” McLendon Day of Baylor University captured some of that marvel of THE BOOK when she wrote “The Wonder of the Word”.   See—

This book of the Apostles and Prophets, or Prophets and Apostles, are Learn Christ from the Apostles and Prophets, back in about 1990, was the first Bible commentary written, and only recently when I saw the need for one in depth and thorough Bible course, did it occur of the necessity to get it out there for both the consumption of Katy McMichael, a Christian brain of “sound mind” and to complete in public availability (beyond the free downloads of SunGrist websites) the 7 volumes of the Learn Christ Commentaries.  Actually, this is more than the equivalent of two Bible courses, a survey of the Old Testament and a survey of the New Testament, only in one volume, because it is primarily a study of the Bible Itself more than “about the Bible”.  It could be compared to a Baylor freshman equivalent course of Woodfin’s survey of the NT using the RSV Bible Itself, or a UT Austin Bible chair course at University Baptist Church on the book of Acts where Acts itself was studied in the Moffatt translation.  Romans under MacGorman at SWBTS in the summer of 1961 was meant to primarily use the book on Romans for which he was famous on campus, but as was the personal habit for Bible Itself, a complete study, teaching, and preaching outline was done on Romans to more than supplement the Bible course.  If you have seen the seventh and second volumes of the Learn Christ commentaries on either or other numerous bookstores, you will recognize that the originality of this volume 1 was not changed; that is, the custom of all Bible quotes in green has been wavered for this first volume to help preserve the inspiration of the moment, first written on a typewriter and then later on a MAC computer and printed out on old printer sheets with the holes on the sides.  (There was just no heart to change such marvelous moments of Bible concentration from 1985-1995 at Rosamond California while working second shift at the F-16 Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base.}  Ann came out to California later and with her marvelous sense of humor of expression, said, “The words just poured out the trailer when she opened the door.”  It was not long after coming to Rosamond as she had the habit of doing at least six times, she miraculous came out of the inability to walk, which started at Mineral Wells Hospital while on duty in the ER, and where the doctors said she would never walk again since her spinal cord was 99% occluded with a slipped disk.  She went to work again as an RN at Ridgecrest and herself rented a nice trailer with an outdoor hot tub, the point being that the pouring out of pages in the Comfort trailer at Rosamond continued, and we had the weekends together at Ridgecrest.  (Ah, the great memories!)  And partly this paragraph is added for Katy as she is so much like her grandmother, Ann McMichael.)  And quite frankly, as the final preparations were made for the publisher, there was a sense of amazement not unlike that of J. B. Philips stated in the preface to his translation of Revelation, “It was felt as if electricity was going through my body”; for it is still a marvel that God has allowed us to see the wonderful structure of His Design of His Book by using through the Holy Spirit and Prophets, through Jesus and the Apostles, the unity and consistency of the Bible by the way of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  You too, with continued reading and study, will be awed as the Great Design of the Bible by God the Father as you grasp and bask in the spiritual illumination of one quoted verse after another!  In the final editing of this book, often a pause was made to revel in the spiritual insight of almost forgotten Scripture of the Bible, benefiting myself as I pray Katy and others will benefit from this volume 1 of the LCC.

Lately, especially on Facebook, disparaging words have ben said about the Old Testament as compared to the New Testament, which makes a mockery out of the internal structure of the total Bible God the Holy Spirit used to put in all together in a book o 66 books, that structure being the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  It also makes a mockery out of the Jewish people of whom Paul wrote their chief advantage and contribution was “committed unto them were the oracles of God”.  It would seem that they are either admitted an ignorance or neglect of the Old Testament, or the Scofield followers find the Old Testament interferes with their addition of dispensations to the Bible.  In either case, they can not be forgiven for minimizing or tampering with the total “faith once for all delivered to the saints”.  God speaks through His total Word, much in the New Testament is made clear in the Old and even more of the New Testament makes clear and builds on the Old Testament.  There just is no Word of God without both Testaments.


As promised. before given to Publishers, you are entitled to the free download first.  

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