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NOTE: If you do a search on the SunGrist website of sungrist.org on the word Peace, below are the links you will find. There are two obvious kinds of peace: first that kind of internal peace which in reality is peace with our eternal maker, and secondily is peace in the world environment, which with the present tribulation of the virus and the release of Satan from bondage ceases to exist.

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Remember as you read from the links below that peace is both internal and if from God can not be altered by external circumstances, and then the peace or lack of it from our world environment, which can be summarized now with the words of Jeremiah “Peace, peace, when there IS NO PEACE”.

PEACE the Beginnings – sungrist.org
Peace when it is a time and circumstance under God when THERE IS NO PEACE! 3. The people remained unashamed and without guilt for their acts of abominations, primarily of violation of the 10 commandments and idolatry, the temple message of Jeremiah and chapter 7. In a way the book of Jeremiah is introduced right here centering around PEACE and

Chapter 2: Peace Through the Preaching Words (Faith) of the …
Chapter 2: Peace Through the Preaching Words (Faith) of the Cross. Note from the outline above that not only does this ONE COMMENTARY let Paul, or God through Paul, speaks but let’s them speak in the words and in the outline of Ephesians itself, short departures from the main flow are made only to demonstrate the

Peace, Pastors, Prophets, Priests, and People
Peace and Prophets I t is obvious that the Falling Away grows rapidly with the 2 famous messengers of Popular Peace and Optimism today, in spite of the realities currently facing the world of (1) this world-wide forsaking of the “fountain of living waters” like in Jeremiah’ (2) with new Prophets and Pastors,

not put its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, that …
PTB #22: National Peace “until the time of a Nations Land”. Gist: The great Maker of History, God our Heavenly Father, determines how when and how long any nation will reign with Peace in the World. Without any discrimination, the Wisdom of God is that He, and He alone choses the citizens, churches, and nations for peace and salvation.

Faith is the kind of peace which Jesus identified as that which the world gives. Simply by considering fighting and killing along, we can easily distinguish the kind of peace of the world, and of the American Democratic Faith, which comes by war from the kind of peace of Jesus which advocates the overcoming of evil with good.

TESTIMONY OF THE EVANGELISTS Introduction: Testimony to Jesus …
peace and good will for a family and guests, The miracle sign of turning the water into wine is a message of peace for marriage and the family, Jesus cares. 2. HEALING OF NOBLEMAN’S SON. John 4 as Jesus heals the Nobleman’s son from a distance illustrating the peace and good will that God can provide from a distance today for individuals.

Sound Doctrines on the Second Coming – SunGrist
thousand years reign of Christ on earth, a time of peace and harmony that they get by confusing with this theoretical millennium the Old Testament Scriptures on the New Earth. NOTE: When you nail down the Scriptures on New Earth and New Heavens with God’s New Israel of the Old Testament, especially of Isaiah, they will cast out these

4 God, Arabs, and Jews, 7 AMENS of Romans

optimism of the days of Jeremiah as the false prophets and priests preached “Peace, peace, when there is no peace, and healed only slightly the hurt of the people”. It serves for these fundamentalists several purposes: gets more money, increases optimism for the future when the last days are almost over and the day of Megiddo–a day of war

ONEs of God’s Word versus Divisions of Scofield.

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us…” NOTE: Dear Mr. Scofield and victimized followers, who do you think are the two groups that are made one; and what do you think is the middle wall of partition between who that once existed before Christ.

Doomsday In 163 Years – SunGrist

ities are life interrupting, the opposite of peace and prosperity, and there are actually 5 types or categories of calamities that come from God: (a) short term and limited calamities, like earthquakes and tornadoes, etc that God sent on Judah and Israel for 163 years, between Amos and the beginning of Jeremiah.

PTB8a: What Is Most Important to You? INTRODUCTION: What do …

always be peace and prosperity, that is not guaranteed as promoters of the false gospel of prosperity claim {see “False Gospel of Prosperity online at http://www.biblecombibleman.com}. At the peak revelation of the cross that comes with commitment, of course in the New Testament, comes, “All that will live godly in Christ

Arkansas Flood and Gulf Oil Spill: Types of Calamities

daughter of My people slightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 8:10b) While all these efforts of churches and church leaders to slightly heal the hurt of the people of God, there is no real and permanent healing without the full corrective measure of: (1) elimination of the substitute broken

Day of the LORD and Lord – SunGrist Topical Bible

When you read anywhere in the Bible of the sun darkened, the moom and the stars, you know it is abut the Day of the LORD of the Old Testament and the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament.

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