PTB3-32: Announcing New Book on Kindle Amazon: Mount I, The Sermon on the Mount and the Good Christian Life.

Reasons for the Sermon on the Mount?

Everyone knows about the Sermon on the Mount, why not only one book but three on the subject. Well, first of all in the nature of “Listen to Jesus” as spoken by the Father Himself, we must make renewed effort at hearing and heeding the teachings of Jesus.

  1. Outline of the Sermon on the Mount.
    The real problems with the 3 chapters of the Sermon on the Mount is to find some principle of unity, there are so many diverse teachings here, and we are so accustomed to for example the Apostle Paul with his lawyer like this is the way it is, one, two, and three. That brings out a point, the Sermon was a message for the MULTITUDE. It was not a message like the single one to Nicodemus of the necessity of the new birth, it would seem that in this teachings on the Mount, Jesus was using a shot gun approach to preaching, throwing out so much Bible truth that some of it would hit targets in the crowd.
    a. First of all, there is a less obvious source of unity to the Sermon, and that is to be found in chapter 7 in the parable of the two men that build their houses, one on the sand and the other one on a firm foundation.
    b. In spite of the common nature of the Sermon, we can in this day and time make a contribution in three ways:
    (1) with the shock to society of the rampant waves of covid virus, there is the need for a counter, and the heart felt messages of the Sermon can be those messages, and there are as diverse as are the needs of the multitude or masses in our society. It is as if Paul has come back to life saying, “If in this life we have hope only, we are of all men most miserable”, in other words, the virus with so many deaths turns our minds on the ETERNAL and the hopes of heaven and the new earth. For example in the words of Jesus to “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto us.” How we hate during this pandemic and the shortness of life it foretells to see men, women, children and youth living like there is no tomorrow, in the words of the Bible like in the days of Noah “marrying and giving in marriage”, all good things, but it tells of lives lived as if there is no God and that He makes no demands on our lives.
    (2). Perhaps it is the stigma attached by certain evangelist to a social gospel, that we have let certain obvious social problems slip through the crack of the Christian message (especially that of the Sermon), problems like MTD for moral theistic deism, like Narcissism, like bullying, and like destructive Jezebel sex. Yet Jesus deals with those in His Sermon, and we in order to have a revival of listening to Jesus, must hear these social problems, and more importantly solutions also. One authority on bullying recently stated that the solution was there all along in “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
    (3). Besides an outline of the 3 chapters of the Sermon, a real contribution is offered on the subject of the Sermon by a stress of the life of Jesus at the time, in other words what happened just before the Sermon, not only with His temptation in the wilderness where we get a major emphasis on this book, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

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