ALLinONE Community of Communities


ATTENTION for the ALLinONE Community of Communities at
As a welcomed member here, now thanks to your participation in SunGrist on the landmark of 76 countries per week was reached as we approach almost 11 years online. Now you are cordially invited to join the ALL in ONE community of communities. And in order to obtain better communications with 1000 other members, you are urged to join and remain an active participant in the ALL in ONE community of communities. The owner/moderator with this economy of effort pledges to post once each week and to the moderation for new membership the same. In short this will enhance the goals of SunGrist_Bible for “More Bible, More World”; and “Freely we have received, freely we give.”
The opposite is also true, you are welcome to browse and join the other 15 communities of Jerry Admin of SunGrist-Bible and as well as the many, many collections.

See and Share the BiblecomBibleman website.


You should also know that SunGrist is on two other websites:

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(2) ;


also on Facebook at ,


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and Twitter at .


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