An Evidence Summary.


Gist: A summary of the evidence for God and Creation, for the Bible as the Word of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. That evidence on those 3 or 4 subjects, if you tend to separate the evidence for God from the evidence of Creation by God, evidence for the historical Jesus as the Son of God, and proofs for the Bible of 66 books as the Word of God—divine in origin, authoritative in source, sufficient in message for life and salvation, high fidelity in communication, dynamical alive, and self-interpretative—that is to say that a summary of all that evidence which staggers the mind when trying to summarize it for an apologetic {not to apologize for being a Christian and living as a Christian deep into science, technology, and the Bible, but rather for a best testimony} attempts inadequately and with very finite human capability both to (1) summarize all the classic Christian evidences, apologetics, and Philosphy of Religion, and even the History of American Thought {American Studies} from so many men of the past like Elton Trueblood in Philosophy, Millikan in Physics, Religion, and Evolution, Mosma in THE EVIDENCE OF GOD IN AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE, Simon Greenleaf and Irwin Linton in law, and Bernard Ramma in Christian Evidence, Apologetics, and Bible Hermeneutics, and of course the Professor of Literature of Narvana fame, C.S. Lewis with many books like “Case for Christianity”, and just too many to remember—but oh yes, Henry Steele Commager on the American Mind; (2) summarize an apologetic life of over 50 years that found integration, comfort, and consistency in both Physics and Bible. How do you summarize even a long life, then all those other books and authorities on Christian Evidences?

A Little Applied and Practical Engineering Science

As a young Quality Control Inspector for Boeing on the Minuteman missile installations in Montana, South and North Dakota, we were trained in the theodolite optics alignment of the Guidance section by shooting off of an onsite Geodetic marker. The method done often for every site of hundreds of minutemen was the shoot 10 readings, calculate the average, then if one was beyond a certain percentage to kick it out and take another. Several years ago after retirements from General Dynamics and Raytheon as a flight test engineer, my data analysis experience and training coupled with the scientific method of physics where a calculated comparison is made between the expected and measured values {you know the lab method, and a little reminder of what the physicist Lord Kelvin said about the scientific method, “It is not scientific until you have attached a number.”
So in short what I decided to do was research what the best in scientific disciplines on the date of Creation, those more inclined to unbelief which granted puts a human bias on the scientific method of objectivity, or in terns of the Hesenburg uncertainity principle, our measurements interferred with what we are striving to measure}. Dates for the universe and earth in particular coming into existence from geologists, chemists, archaelogy, science fiction, biology, and so on and on in order to assure that I had at least 10 measurements like in the optical alignment of the Minuteman Guidance, and in order to add them up and take an average. I soon gave up with not so much the stretch of the mind and imagination of millions and billions trillions of years; but more in the lack of agreement for so-called experts on the so-called scientific method, not so scientific as Millikan would say in EVOLUTION IN SCIENCE AND RELIGION. There was no way to calculate an average between millions, billions, and trillions; and certainly with a median much greater than 100%, the very partical conclusion of a engineering scientist was that they don’t know what they are talking about. {The deviation from the norm of all the disciplines was so great they all have to be thrown out.} The solution of many experts since it comes out of their imagination and personal desires more than the mind and scientific method is to throw so many staggering number of years at the student or reader that they are both impressed with the numbers, that these can count that high, and the credulity of the matter which inspires giving up on thoughts about it. {As one trained and educated in Physics, the ultimate science of the scientific method, there has never been a similar respect for the other sciences, especially social sciences like with Herbert Spencer on evolution, as being that scientific. It was more after the spectacular break thrus of modern physics, that these others strived to emulate the scientific method.

A Tribute to the Persistence of Swamy Gowd

Most of you are no doubt familiar with Google Plus, sort of like Facebook but better in that you can tie in with your email address such things as posting comments then having public discussion of the ones you have invited and being able to check their profiles. In other words, because of the marvels of computers, software, and the internet, you can dialogue and see individuals across the planet like the optometrist in India named G. N. V. Swamy Gowd shown below in his personal profile right off Google Plus.
You can see it clearly like online, but in the upper left corner can be seen some of the motivation of Swamy Gowd to be so persistent, the boys with him, and as he later said in his google post, they are being confused at school with the contradictions of Creationism and Evolution. That photo is shown here enlarged with one fine older lad on the right with a tee shirt that says, “Things fall apart all the time”, and a lad on the left obviously in Rugby.
Swamy’s motivation and persistence about the confusion of his kids or grandkids about science and Bible is some of the same reasons that the decision was made to leave this book to kids, grandkids and great grandkids, and any others that would read it about Christian Evidences for the Bible, God and Creation, and Jesus as the Son of God. In short, it is a summary and a testimony. But on to the dialogue with Swamy on Google Plus.
Dialogue on God, Creation, and Science and Evolution

First, my posting that started the dialogue, a photo and quote of and from Dr. R. A. Millikan, the Nobel prize winning physicist and President of Cal Tech who wrote along with many books on Physics his famous Yale lectures on “Evolution in Science and Religion.” {You can tell that Millikan is among my favorites in Classical Christian Evidences.} The Millikan posting is shown here.
The Millikan quote that got the attention of Swamy, a man trained in science, math, and physics is shown in the photo but re-copied here:
The purpose of science is to develop, without prejudice or preconception of any kind, a knowledge of the facts, the laws, and the processes of nature. The even more important task of religion, on the other hand, is to develop the consciences, the ideals, and the aspirations of mankind.
— Robert Andrews Millikan {Pardon my plug for the website of SunGrist_Bible, but it is something that hopefully beyond this brief summary you will take advantage of on Philsophy of Religion and more specifically on the Christian Evidences. Perhaps it is possible to save you from the mental anguish, or at least help nudge you over the hump, that was personally experienced in going from a freshman year at Baylor with the faith expressed in Chapel and Bible classes to the sceipticism of a Physics professor during the sophomore semester, before the Navy, who public taunted me in the classroom with the statement, “As you become more education, you will give up that Christian faith.” Later, during the early days of Naval Air training at Normal Oklahoma, it became a challenge to dig deeply into the Christian evidences at the Norman public library, primarily from Lewis on his Case for Christianity. Right then in 1955, it became a life time goal to integrate the Bible and the Technical, Science and Faith, and it has lasted as a major interest in these well over fifty years. One might easily conclude that my life has been an Apologetic of Physics and Bible, the expanded version being Engineering with Lockheed Martin on the F-16 and Raytheon Missile Systems on the Kenetic Warhead, along with 10 years of teaching electronics technology and technical math, and in Bible the corollary career as lay preacher as interim pastor of over 16 churches in Maryland, Arkansas, New Mexico and Texas.

The Dialog on Google Plus

1. You read the Post above from Millikan that started it all, and here is the first comment on the post from Swamy:
Jan 16, 2015

If the above statement is correct, then why is the ” big bang theory “, and Darwin’s ” theory of evolution “, is not supported by one religion, and make all the school children confused, because, what is told in the science class does not correlate with what is preached in the place of worship. Both can never be true. So let religious heads and top scientists decide, and tell us which one is true, so that children are not confused, and they learn the same thing at both the places, in future. Good evening.

NOTE: It is obvious he is concerned about the confusion between what the children are taught in a place of worship and in school. He protests the confusion, and I know the turmoil caused by precisely what he is going through; however that is part of the challenge of the Christian life in these modern times of the Falling Away.

2. My brief answer striving to encourage more detailed investigation and research into the best of the best in Classical Christian Evidences.

Christian Missions and Missionaries
Jan 16, 2015
So much can be said here including your influence on these children as they recognize intuitively what you think is important and what you think is not important on faith because it is not there. And you know on important matters, you will and do decide for yourself. Please continue the discussions with an introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, Christian Apologetics and Evidences to read what the expert leaders have said in Classical Christian Apologetics,
Especially in the name of the scientific method which you have been educated about and in, you should give an expert like Millikan a chance by reading “Evolution in Science and Religion” cheaply available on

3. Swamy’s concerns, persistence, and replying comment.

G. N. V. SWAMY Gowd.
Jan 16, 2015
Your answer is not straight forward, it is very abstract. Please answer to my question in a sentence or two. Let it be short and direct, because I am not much learned. Is it “Big bang theory “, or is it ” In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth “?

4. Answer comment on the Christian Missions and Missionaries page.

Christian Missions and Missionaries
Jan 16, 2015
If there were canned and quick answers, educated persons like yourself seemingly with backgrounds in science and religion would already have the answers. You know one other place to start would be with Mosma’s EVIDENCE FOR GOD IN AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE, a collection from over 40 scientists giving testimonies to faith from their own disciplines. Then not to bad at this point, perhaps as there is always the matter of appearance versus reality like you truly are educated beyond the average, would be by another expert in Classical Christian Apologetics, Bernard Ramm who wrote CHRISTIAN VIEW OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION, among other things suggesting “Progressive Creationism”. Please see for a jump start.

5. It was beginning to dawn on me that he might not have the time and resources to thoroughly investigate Classical Christian Evidences.

G. N. V. SWAMY Gowd.
Jan 16, 2015
And again ultimately you didn’t answer my question, whether it is ” Big bang theory “, or ” In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth “. I have only a small background in science, l am just a graduate in science. I don’t have any religious background, as you had wrongly mentioned. I am not much religious too. I am an ordinary man, belonging to one particular religion, because every one have to belong to one, unless you are a member of a native tribe in a small remote island or a jungle where civilisation and religion has not creped in yet. Other wise you will be an ‘ odd man out ‘, and I don’t have guts and strength to fight in the society. I am a man who believe, that a person CAN be GOOD, even without belonging to any religion. See, the consequences of religious division and religious fanatics in the world. Innocent young men are flogged, just because , they revolted against the religious rigidity, neighbouring countries fight, it divides people in the country, because their opinion differs, school children are kidnapped, women raped, young school children are slaughtered, press people and travellers in metros are killed, houses burnt, robbing their livelihood, and pushing them into agony. Nature is my God, science is my religion, and my work is worship. I don’t have time or inclination, to visit number of places of worship. People go once in a week, some many times a day, still commit deeds, which are not good for people living around. At least now, please answer my question directly, and I don’t wish to continue the discussion, if you don’t answer. Good morning Sir.
6. So in the next dialog comment, I gave the best I could from memory and without immediate references and details on my own Testimony to Christian Evidences as learned from experience and Classic Christian Evidences. (We never know for sure the difference between our own thoughts and the readings from others, surely both are mixed in with our own experiences.}

Christian Missions and Missionaries
Yesterday 6:27 PM
Sorry about you not getting a direct answer. If you are asking what I believe personally based on studies in Physics, Bible, and Christian evidences, it would have to start with Genesis 1:1 which you almost quoted, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” since long ago it was found that the very pragmatic approach to the Bible as the Word of God and words from God proved Itself by way of evidence, experience, and those scholars in science and religion that I most respected like Millikan, Ramm, and so on and on.
Now the Creation facts of Genesis for long day periods (the Hebrew word for day is yom and so translates), and since it was not likely for there to be even 24 hour days until the third yom when day was separated from night, the most intellectually honest explanation of creation is Ramm’s “progressive creationism”, which allows for evolution or changes during the day periods without jumping species.
Also again, if you are asking my belief and faith in the Bible, I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was the mediating cause in Creation according to the first chapter of John, and the Holy Spirit was the effecting cause, “the spirit brooded on the face of the deep”, et cetera. Now for the problems with religions, churches, and denominations, I would urge you consider that Christ is for individuals, like in a book I have written by that name, not for organizations. I have given you the link below for a free download of that book. It is one the 5 books from the Apostle John. CHRISTforIndividuals.pdf
Sorry about the length of the answer but this is the short form. The same subjects you are discussing is the subject of volumes of classical Christian apologetics and evidences as well as the Philosophy of Religion, so once again I urge you more investigation using the pragmatic and scientific method. Please use the helps of my website, starting at .
Finally it seems you owe it to yourself because of your fine education, attitude, work and experience and also to those youth you influence.
Thanks for your time and patience.

7. Finallt in realizing the incomplete link for the free PDF book for CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS, as Swamy was also concerned about relgions and man-made organizations with the more obvious signs of the Falling Away.

Christian Missions and Missionaries
Yesterday 6:31 PM
Sorry G. N. V. SWAMY Gowd for the inadequate link for the free PDF book download of CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS, the 5 books of the Apostle John.
Mystery of Medical Miracles.