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⦁ The Message of the Writing Prophets
A short form of volume 5 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries is given here with a summary of “The Message of the Writing Prophets”. That is primarily David with the four major Prophets and the 12 minor Prophets, so called because of the size not because of the relative importance of the messages. What we will indeed find in that volume and in this summary, especially in the Prophets themselves, is a repeating and singular message that is sort of a foreground for other messages like the “crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ”, the Gospel, and so on; and that “the message” always entails a disaster judgment on God’s people. However, also in every case, it first comes inevitably because God’s people are not acting like God’s people. We will use the background provided by the last chapter and by the Prophet Isaiah to present that “the message”. After all, that is a good starting place both for the Writing Prophets and for the many explanations in his 14 letters where the Apostle Paul quoted from these Writing Prophets, and Isaiah is and has always been considered the foremost of the Prophets. Even if a Bible scholar, you will be surprised to find that one of the most thorough descriptions of the shaking of heaven and earth that Paul refers to in Hebrews 12 is given in Isaiah.
The Message of the Writing Prophets as used in volume 5 and as summarized here is the non-predictive part of the message of the OT Prophets, that part which was primarily a message for God’s people of their own time; however it is the same message that needs to be heard in this day and time. While a better way than the law is given for righteousness, the clarity of the cross and the provision of the new birth; God’s people need to hear the same The Message of the Prophets today that came years ago. Even if it were for no other reason than the 16 Writing Prophets and David are part of the Word of God, it would be necessary to listen; but in this day of the Falling Away, not from churches as in many cases attendance is going up, but rather a falling away from God, Christ, and the Bible. A Falling Away that is not a classical criticism of the youth since if the second falling away of this generation is like the first falling away of God’s people in the wilderness, all youth 19 years of age and younger are safe. It is the Falling Away that Paul makes so clear in II Thessalonians as coming before the Second Coming of Christ; the falling away that Jesus described near the end times as “because sin will abound, the love of many will wax cold, and it is what Paul warned about in his thorough treatment of the Falling Away in the book of Hebrews, where he wrote to God’s people, “take heed brethren, lest their be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God.”
Here is a very short form of that The Message from all the Prophets: “God’s people are not acting like God’s people; and they are going to pay for it in disasters, and while the primary disaster will be eternity without God and all that is good, second to that is the blindness that will again come over God’s people as it did Israel, an inability to see real spiritual reality which the Prophets called a spirit of slumber, and third to that is natural disasters which must inevitable increase as the groaning of all creation continues and magnifies to the final shaking of both heaven and earth. In other words, according to the Word of God that came through the Prophets natural disasters as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or all other natural forms of “fire, blood, and vapor of smoke before that great and notable Day of the LORD” are also ways in which God’s people will pay for not acting like God’s people. The form of that disaster or disasters which will come upon God’s people, depends on the specific message of the Prophet.”
Granted that you do have a lot of itching ears, would-be contemporary “prophets” like John Haggai who would lead you to believe if you consider yourself to be a member of the church, the body of Christ, that because of your desire which like your other desires as a church member lead you to turn from sound doctrine, that ignore the sound doctrine of the Falling Away which must precede the Second Coming and would have you believe that you will be caught up in the air before the Falling Away and the final tribulation. Not so! How wrong and out of Bible context and enamored with the Scoffield Reference Bible notes are those who think that the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth is nothing less than a historical event of the Falling Away. {Some like to claim the only withdrawal of the Holy Spirit as given in II Thessalonians is simply a matter of the Spirit inside of believers. Wow, what a perversion of the simplicity of the Bible; and another case on eschatology of taking a verse and going everywhere preaching. I am often reminded when hearing such weird sounding doctrine of the statement “just let the Bible say what It wants to say”. It takes more than a wind bag with all the answers, a deep voice, and the confidence that comes from popularity for itching ears Bible teachers to subvert such clear and obvious teachings that go all the way back to Daniel of how “when the power of the holy people is completely shattered” then the other last events start taking place, that shattering requires both the Falling Away of God’s people and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit which in turn releases Satan from bondage and leads to the world revelation of the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition. God’s history, or workings in history change; and we just can not expect the world to be the same before and after the Fullness of the Gentiles is complete, before and after the Falling Away has started, before and after the impending signs in the skies above and the earth beneath escalate, before and after the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit and the release from bondage of Satan, before and after the world sees the Man of Sin. It is amazing how history under the direction of God repeats itself; and that is one reason why many people like to call the messages of the OT Prophets as having double and triple meanings, while it is really the full spectrum of the sweeps of God of repeating history. God’s people, chosen as a group by God, did not act like God’s people, except for a few of them like Caleb, Joshua, and Moses, in the 40 years in the wilderness, in the period of the judges except for occasional revival as the spirit came on a judge like Samson, in the United Kingdom which steadily disintegrated from the kingdom of Saul, David, and Samson, and the ups and downs on righteous and evil kings of the Divided Kingdoms, likewise of the people, and then of the rejection by the majority of the people called God’s people during the time of Jesus, that is the nation of Israel. Likewise the Gentiles lead by the United States will again as God’s people repeat the history of the Falling Away. This can be recognized as a trend by the Prophets and also the Apostle Paul, although it was also given to them as a divine revelation as part of the Word of God, that the “Spirit speaks expressedly that in the latter times, some will depart from the faith”; and then II Timothy is a more detailed description of the Falling Away as church members have a form of godliness that denies the power of God, as church members become intolerant toward sound doctrine, as church members heap out Bible teachers without itching ears and heap up and in Bible teachers with itching ears, as church members are motivated more by their own desires of comfort, security, and status than they are to hear the sound Word of God, as they turn away from the truth, and as God subsequently turns them into fables, where eternal realities no longer seem real and imaginations and superficialities seem more real. {The mechanics of how this specifically happens for individuals although the security of the believer is unquestionable sound doctrine of the Bible is given in the previous commentaries of “Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away” and “What the Churches Don’t Want You to Hear” as well as the shorter version of this latter commentary on Mark, “A Cup of Water”. A clue is given to you to listen to the lack of sound doctrine in the teaching and preaching of an instantaneous new birth which denies the similarity of the first and physical birth which requires 9 months.}
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