Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Amazon has created an Author page at this link for the 15 books of Jerry McMichael’s SunGrist, paperbacks, kindles, and in some cases free for members of Kindle unlimited.   Truly in honor of my dear departed to our greater home in heaven Wife, it should be Jerry and Ann McMichael, as Ann was the editor… Continue reading Books by SunGrist on Amazon.


  Not a single life on earth should be a tragedy since God through faith in Christ and the cross has made provision for every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth and for all time to have health, security, peace, and comfort ETERNALLY in our Father’s house of many mansions.  Jesus… Continue reading DEDICATION

Start or Develop Your Bible Books Library!

Good place at Barnes and Noble to start your Bible books library– Overview Bible Reports for Believing: The Way of Continuing Faith by Jerry V. McMichael Written in 2004 for a Pastor in Myanmar to teach in a Bible course.  Originally distribution was on,  now through Ingram Spark distributors is available at stores… Continue reading Start or Develop Your Bible Books Library!