Gospel in the 12 Minor Prophets, 2 of 6.

9-6:  The Prophet Amos  Sampey writes on Amos: “Jonah probably prophesied about 800 B.C., just prior to Jeroboam’s accession to the throne of Israel (or Ephraim).  When Jeroboam’s prosperous reign had brought in luxury with its attendant evils, Jehovah sent of Israel a missionary from Tekoa, in Judah.  It was only twenty-two miles from Tekoa,… Continue reading Gospel in the 12 Minor Prophets, 2 of 6.

Writing Prophets of the Old Testament Summarized.

A short form of volume 5 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries is given here with a summary of “The Message of the Writing Prophets”. That is primarily David with the four major Prophets and the 12 minor Prophets, so called because of the size not because of the relative importance of the messages. What we… Continue reading Writing Prophets of the Old Testament Summarized.

ONE COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE: Prophets and Apostles.

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Gospel in the Minor Prophets.

It has been calculated that there are 719 verses quoted in the NT from the Old, and 889 if you include references to the Old Testament called allusions. A large number of those quotes come from the 12 Minor Prophets, only called minor because they are smaller than the 4 Major Prophets, and some of… Continue reading Gospel in the Minor Prophets.

CHAPTER 7 “My Church” and “Believing” (John 6)

While the Pope would say it is “my church”, also the LDS and Church of Christ, and even some among THE Baptists, THE Methodists, and the Presbyterians; Jesus lays claim naturally to the church which He founded, calling it “My Church”.  Among the conflicting claims of denominations, and conflicting efforts to define God’s people centered… Continue reading CHAPTER 7 “My Church” and “Believing” (John 6)

A Blessed Thanksgiving 2019!

I.  Prayer During Thanksgiving, Holidays, and New Year. Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy great name and reputation.  We are amazed that we are allowed to pray “The LORD is my shepherd”, addressing You the great and Mighty God of Creation and Salvation—that you lead us beside the still waters, that you… Continue reading A Blessed Thanksgiving 2019!

Chapter 6: Believers or Disciples: Which is First? (John 5)

The Apostle John had the last word on the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and consequently also the last word on believing, discipleship, and God’s plan of salvation.  While we are reconstructing by exegesis in seven chapters this Gospel of Jesus built around seven miracle-signs, we find we must modify some of our fundamental… Continue reading Chapter 6: Believers or Disciples: Which is First? (John 5)