Sound Bible Doctrine on Passion 2019.

Some Random Sound Bible Doctrine Thoughts on Passion 2019. 1. Some Sound Bible on Christine. 2.  Six reasons not to follow Christine Caine. 3.  In addition, Christine Caine endorses practice of pagan/witchcraft as seen here in Batterson’s Circle Making book blurb– 4.  Definitely at the leading and cutting age of the great apostasy… Continue reading Sound Bible Doctrine on Passion 2019.

SSATFA # 1 of 30: Preface & Outline

Ssatfa stands for Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away     PREFACE:       “Snatching, Stumbling, and Falling Away”   Like many medical diagnosis, this perspective of churches and denominations today is not particularly pleasant to hear. However, the challenge of the Falling Away introduced in THE SOUND OF A SOUND FAITH demand an explanation of… Continue reading SSATFA # 1 of 30: Preface & Outline