SunGrist Life and Letters of Paul Bible Study on FB and WP.

Your intense Bible study is incomplete until you have completed a solid and conservative, straight from the Bible Itself, Course on the Life and Letters of Paul. Paul himself wrote 14 New Testament letters out of the 27 for a majority Apostle selected by Jesus the Ascended Christ to write most of the New Testament… Continue reading SunGrist Life and Letters of Paul Bible Study on FB and WP.

Continuing Faith

  Have you noticed with the use of computer software like Windows, how often after you make an initial decision by way of a click with the mouse, that a little window comes up which says to verify, or do you wish to “continue”?  So, it is with “continuing faith” that goes beyond an initial… Continue reading Continuing Faith

Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Amazon has created an Author page at this link for the 15 books of Jerry McMichael’s SunGrist, paperbacks, kindles, and in some cases free for members of Kindle unlimited.   Truly in honor of my dear departed to our greater home in heaven Wife, it should be Jerry and Ann McMichael, as Ann was the editor… Continue reading Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

CHAPTER 4  of LCBC_3, Baptism.

Have you ever asked yourself the question about the seven ONEs of Ephesians 4:4-6, the great summary of major beliefs of the Bible, why one salvation is not mentioned in there with “one faith”, “one baptism”, etc.  The reason is that the “baptism” mentioned by Jesus in the Great Commission and the “baptism” fully developed… Continue reading CHAPTER 4  of LCBC_3, Baptism.

Preface: “Believe and Be Baptized”

Unfortunately, most generally the custom is to think of “baptism” as what takes place in the baptistry of the church.  Not so in the Bible of Jesus and the Apostles where “baptism” most generally refers to what takes place inside the life of the believer before entrance into the baptistry.  All the great teaching scriptures… Continue reading Preface: “Believe and Be Baptized”

Baptism is the One Salvation

Just get back to the Bible on what it teaches about One Baptism is the One Salvation.  It will eliminate both the unsound doctrine of Church of Christ that water baptism is necessary for salvation, and the Swaggart’s horrible and destructive statements about baptism in the Holy Spirit. Have you ever asked yourself the question… Continue reading Baptism is the One Salvation