Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Amazon has created an Author page at this link for the 15 books of Jerry McMichael’s SunGrist, paperbacks, kindles, and in some cases free for members of Kindle unlimited.   Truly in honor of my dear departed to our greater home in heaven Wife, it should be Jerry and Ann McMichael, as Ann was the editor… Continue reading Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

A Certain Immunity to Scofield and his notes

Don’t know how to explain a certain immunity to Scofield and his notes except to compare with a life of growing up in Houston without ever seeing a drug, unbelievable but true; but even as I had so many constructive things to do in high school like scouts, life guarding, and FBC Galena Park, so… Continue reading A Certain Immunity to Scofield and his notes