“How Long?” the book of Revelation.

How long, how long, is a puzzling question asked today and by myriads in Christianity from the first century, and it is a question that the Scofield mites, tiring of patience, decided to answer in their own Bible notes of theology. I.  A passage quote from the volume 2 of the Learn Christ Commentaries, Christ… Continue reading “How Long?” the book of Revelation.

LCBC 7 Volume Set Now Complete on Amazon books.

NOTE:  In case you forgot, LCBC stands for the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries. The challenge was accepted years ago to under the guidance of God the Holy Spirit to cover the whole Bible in 7 volumes based on the QuickSweep by quotes method that God the Holy Spirit built into the internal structure of the… Continue reading LCBC 7 Volume Set Now Complete on Amazon books.

Worship in Revelation.

Gist:  Some bottom lines of worship in the book of Revelation. Preface: The bottom line of Revelation 1-3 is Pride versus Worship God. The “that sort” of II Timothy are in control today of religious organizations, first coming up with a secret and false rapture, and then within themselves are become “lovers of self and… Continue reading Worship in Revelation.

Introduction to Christ for Individuals (CFI)

The contemporary gap between Christ and church membership should be obvious to all. It hardly matters which church or denomination as you look at church members around you, and then look at the Christ of the Bible and the teachings of Christ, there is little similarity. The discouraging aspect of the gap is that it… Continue reading Introduction to Christ for Individuals (CFI)