Fables, Labels, and Sound Doctrine.

Welcome to you first 50 and growing followers of “Fables, Labels, and Sound Doctrine” { https://www.facebook.com/Fables-Labels-and-Sound-Doctrine-107686407365970/?modal=admin_todo_tour }; and call your attention to some of the distractors today such as with the 2 visitor posts form Robert Wahler of the modern Gnostic or mysticism. Far be it from SunGrist (Jerry McMichael) to promote and advertise such… Continue reading Fables, Labels, and Sound Doctrine.

Gospel of God’s Psychology Part II.

Chapter 21 of One Commentary on Ephesians, continuation of God’s Psychology. Gist:  Some differences between the ONEism of God through Christ and God’s Psychology and the Oneness of paganism, mysticism, and gnosticism. 21-1:  One against Two. We can appreciate the battle for loyalty in the Church as Dr. Peter Jones calls it, “One Against Two”,… Continue reading Gospel of God’s Psychology Part II.