PTB2-43: “All Flesh Shall See Him”.

Intro:  Jesus. “Since the 1960s, the Son of God has become known almost exclusively by the title, “Jesus” across much of the Christian church. This is especially true in the vernacular, or people’s day-to-day speech. This is a major historical change. It bothers me, though I never hear it discussed. Compare with Scripture: Outside the… Continue reading PTB2-43: “All Flesh Shall See Him”.

Gospel of Mark from SSATFA #4: Jesus!

NOTE: Sorry for the difference in numbers, #4 above and #3 below, the introduction was number 1. 3   JESUS OF NAZARETH AND SALVATION . If you wish to do some exegesis from Scriptures on the subject of CHRIST, it is almost impossible to take any passage of Scripture and not also discuss SALVATION. If you… Continue reading Gospel of Mark from SSATFA #4: Jesus!