PTB2-7: News and the Bible, Revelation 8 and 9.

NOTE: Regular programming thru the Bible is interrupted in order to deal with the dominant world news now, and from the Bible, about this Pandemic of a Plague. Also this is an introduction to Book I and II of “A Harmony of Revelation, Daniel, and Ephesians for those serious about Bible”. It is somewhat letting… Continue reading PTB2-7: News and the Bible, Revelation 8 and 9.

Christ Vessels More Honorable.

Christian Fellowship and Worship Center Worldwide on SunGrist Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord of your life and the Church of the Firstborn of all believers, written in heaven according to Hebrews 12:23? All Christians are certainly welcome, however the group is striving to unite together those… Continue reading Christ Vessels More Honorable.