Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Amazon has created an Author page at this link for the 15 books of Jerry McMichael’s SunGrist, paperbacks, kindles, and in some cases free for members of Kindle unlimited.   Truly in honor of my dear departed to our greater home in heaven Wife, it should be Jerry and Ann McMichael, as Ann was the editor… Continue reading Books by SunGrist on Amazon.

Preface:  Prophets to the Nations.

The only way the Old Testament Prophets can be out of date is if nations of the world are out of date, for God the ruler of the universe made the Prophets International Prophets, the “Prophet to the Nations”.  Since God is eternal, immutability, and determinative in world history, if you want to see and… Continue reading Preface:  Prophets to the Nations.

Faith and Faith Contending with 7 volumes of the LCBC.

SunGrist Admin · Published by Jerry McMichael · 21 mins 6 years in the making on Amazon books since National Dens of Thieves, Jeremiah and Prophesy, volume 6 of the LCBCommentaries was the first to be posted on Amazon, and last week, now in 2018 and by the grace of God, all 7 volumes of the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries… Continue reading Faith and Faith Contending with 7 volumes of the LCBC.

LCBC 7 Volume Set Now Complete on Amazon books.

NOTE:  In case you forgot, LCBC stands for the Learn Christ Bible Commentaries. The challenge was accepted years ago to under the guidance of God the Holy Spirit to cover the whole Bible in 7 volumes based on the QuickSweep by quotes method that God the Holy Spirit built into the internal structure of the… Continue reading LCBC 7 Volume Set Now Complete on Amazon books.

One In-Depth Bible Course

Learn Christ Bible Commentaries Volume 1:  If you could take only one solid in depth Bible course. One Bible Course?  Learn Christ Bible Commentaries Volume 1, Prophets and Apostles. One factor that makes this book also a Bible course is the interactive links to Bible resources. LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS  … Continue reading One In-Depth Bible Course

Preface:    Prophets and Apostles 

      The methods and goals of volume 1 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries are straightforward, although ambitious:  (1) to present the total and complete Bible story, both Old and New Testament, as a unity from the mind and heart of God, and under 12 simple messages sequenced by the Old Testament and from… Continue reading Preface:    Prophets and Apostles