One In-Depth Bible Course

Learn Christ Bible Commentaries Volume 1:  If you could take only one solid in depth Bible course. One Bible Course?  Learn Christ Bible Commentaries Volume 1, Prophets and Apostles. One factor that makes this book also a Bible course is the interactive links to Bible resources. LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS  … Continue reading One In-Depth Bible Course

CHAPTER 2   The Prophet David in the Psalms.  

Learn Christ Bible Commentary Volume 5 The Message of the 19 Writing Prophets CHAPTER 2   The Prophet David in the Psalms.                You may think of David as more a King than a Prophet, and indeed David was King after the first King in Israel, Saul, and father of the third and last kings of the… Continue reading CHAPTER 2   The Prophet David in the Psalms.  

CHAPTER 4  of LCBC_3, Baptism.

Have you ever asked yourself the question about the seven ONEs of Ephesians 4:4-6, the great summary of major beliefs of the Bible, why one salvation is not mentioned in there with “one faith”, “one baptism”, etc.  The reason is that the “baptism” mentioned by Jesus in the Great Commission and the “baptism” fully developed… Continue reading CHAPTER 4  of LCBC_3, Baptism.

Worship in Revelation.

Gist:  Some bottom lines of worship in the book of Revelation. Preface: The bottom line of Revelation 1-3 is Pride versus Worship God. The “that sort” of II Timothy are in control today of religious organizations, first coming up with a secret and false rapture, and then within themselves are become “lovers of self and… Continue reading Worship in Revelation.

Gospel of the King and the Kingdom  (Somebody has to say it!)

  Kingdom in Volume 3, the 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul. Just sitting out there at Rosamond CA, in the middle of the Mojave Desert and close to flight test engineering work at Edwards, in the Comfort Travel trailer with a typewriter, and the desire to condense the Bible better in 7 volumes than… Continue reading Gospel of the King and the Kingdom  (Somebody has to say it!)

Introduction Christ for Individuals

  LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS Commentaries: Volume 2:  Christ for Individuals, the NT books from the Apostle John of Revelation, the Gospel of John, and 3 epistles of John. To LEARN Christ is to learn Truth from Jesus, who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life”; from God the… Continue reading Introduction Christ for Individuals

Free Bible Course.

You ARE Welcome to the “One Bible Course? Prophets and Apostles, the Bible” at where you can enjoy online Bible study in your own home and church group, free to all and with a free textbook of Learn Christ Volume 1, Prophets and Apostles, the Bible. Whether you join this international and talented group… Continue reading Free Bible Course.