Gospel of God’s Psychology Part II.

Chapter 21 of One Commentary on Ephesians, continuation of God’s Psychology. Gist:  Some differences between the ONEism of God through Christ and God’s Psychology and the Oneness of paganism, mysticism, and gnosticism. 21-1:  One against Two. We can appreciate the battle for loyalty in the Church as Dr. Peter Jones calls it, “One Against Two”,… Continue reading Gospel of God’s Psychology Part II.

WOF, WOF Part I.

Introduction to WOF, WOF Part I. You have heard about the young man that cried “Wolf, wolf” and until finally no one believed him.  Well, this preacher is going to cry WOF, WOF with little expectations for heeding, but this time the acronym means Word of Faith falsely so called. Preaching and Christianity cannot be… Continue reading WOF, WOF Part I.

Sound Bible Doctrine on Passion 2019.

Some Random Sound Bible Doctrine Thoughts on Passion 2019. 1. Some Sound Bible on Christine. https://the-end-time.blogspot.com/2019/01/looking-at-christine-caines-speech-at.html?fbclid=IwAR01434XnohyGFAkdEq8pwehdnjmt3gE_jLPL2xE6nNk2yPj8IkzWi696PA 2.  Six reasons not to follow Christine Caine. 3.  In addition, Christine Caine endorses practice of pagan/witchcraft as seen here in Batterson’s Circle Making book blurb– https://the-end-time.org/2016/01/03/six-reasons-not-to-follow-christine-caine/ 4.  Definitely at the leading and cutting age of the great apostasy… Continue reading Sound Bible Doctrine on Passion 2019.

Bible on the Colossians’ Gnostic Heresy.

NOTE:  The three excellent articles below are taken from online and credit is given to each of the three at the end of their respective articles, the last one is only an excert from F. F. Bruce with more to follow on future posts from 4 chapters on the Colossian Heresy. http://swartzentrover.com/cotor/E-Books/christ/bruce/ColossianHeresy/ColossianHeresy_01.htm WHAT WAS THE… Continue reading Bible on the Colossians’ Gnostic Heresy.

World Love versus God Love.

Chapter 18 of One Commentary on Ephesians:    World Love versus God Love. The Apostle John, by the way known as the Apostle of Love, gives us the clearest statement of separation with God and from the world, from the love of the world versus the love of God. “Do not love the world or… Continue reading World Love versus God Love.

Mysticism Versus “Grace to Know”.

Chapter 15 of One Commentary on Ephesians:  Contemplative Mysticism and Some Sounds of Sound Doctrine’s (ssosf) “Grace to Know”. NOTE:  In Passion, in this Mysticism, as in the Bible of Ephesians the goal is knowledge of God and Jesus, they with secret contemplative knowledge, and the Bible by revelation of the wisdom and knowledge from… Continue reading Mysticism Versus “Grace to Know”.

One Commentary on Ephesians Chapter 7.

Chapter 7:  Not to be Cheated by Paganism and Gnosticism. Gist:  Start with the Word and keep to the word as we delve a little through the quagmire of modern theology.  Here is the good start and where we are ultimately headed in ultimate integration— “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit,… Continue reading One Commentary on Ephesians Chapter 7.