Believing 3: Who Believes our Reports?

CHAPTER 3                   Who Believes? “Who Believes” is short form for the Bible quote, “Who has believed our report?”, within itself reports in the Bible found in the Gospel of John, and by Jesus, and in the book of Romans, from the Apostle Paul.  A word of warning as we research on this subject through Jeremiah… Continue reading Believing 3: Who Believes our Reports?

SUNGRIST (Jerry McMichael) Blog SunGrist History of 14 years Online A 14 Year History of Indexes “Freely we have received, freely we give..” 1.  Most Bible 2017                                               Year 2017-2019 2.  All Scripture Method and Movement       Year 2014 3.  2010 INDEX                                         Year 2010 4.  Most Popular Pages           Year 2009 5.  The Ministry of SunGrist_Bible                      2008 6.  Year… Continue reading SUNGRIST (Jerry McMichael)