Greed in America has Disintegrated the American Economy

Support Trump now for 4 years to help him clean out the Swamp of D.C, the alligators in the swamp of big money, embedded special interests, and the liberal Media that backs them will aggressively and violently counter attack. Alligators of greed will not gracefully or easily give up “their place in the kingdom”.
Yesterday Bernie Sanders in a TV interview hit the nail on the head of why Trump with his win against all the alligator odds as he said, “The American people are hurting, especially the working man, and Trump was smart to recognize that hurt”. Well, more than that the American people decided Trump sympathizes with how the big alligators had the American working man by the leg with an effort to drag him down into the Swamp.

Already you have noticed the alligators of the Media hideously are making their subtle slurs against Trump, and also surely you have noticed how the alligators of the drug industry are biting at our pocket books. You must help to minimize “the American Creativity for Greed, Deceit, and Cover Up” with remnants of truth that have not died in the swamp. Specifically: (1) Boycott those in the liberal Media casting stones, as well wherein it is possible boycott the wealthy destroyers like George Soros; (2) tell your representatives to the swap not to spend 3 days a week of your time working for either the Democratic or Republican Party to get them more money; (3) give Trump 4-8 years of help to weed out by the election process congressmen that oppose subtly these reforms of draining the sway.

20-8: Greed in America has Disintegrated the American Economy.
Yes, even as a lack of faith in God can disintegrate the individual personality, so the believing of the lie at the national level, with the “greed and wickedness” that comes with it, can disintegrate the National collective personality or character. Some in American Studies have even described the life style of Americans as the American Character. And surely, if you have never recognized the problems with greed in American Society, you are seeing it now. Almost all, except Bush who chose to call “mistakes” the failures of Banks and other financial institutions, refer to a combination of “greed and incompetence” as the reason for this current financial crisis in the country, and in the world. Politicians and commentators have suddenly in this last year began to sound more like preachers and the religious as they mention so often “greed” as the real cause of the current financial crisis and hardships; and while it would be difficult to prove from the Bible that the present lack of blessings from God on our nation, one which is called a curse in the Bible, is like all the other calamities that have come on this nation since 9/11, you know even as Benjamin Franklin said at the Continental Convention that formed this nation, “A nation can not rise to greatness without His blessing”–just like a sparrow can not fall to the ground without His notice–so the opposite is true, when calamities like all the fires, floods, hurricanes, 9/11, and etc come on a country it is a certain sign that God has removed the umbrella of His blessings from this country. Did God send this economic collapse as a punishment to this nation for a lack of righteousness and effectual fervent prayer of the churches? Once again, that is hard to prove from the Bible; however, it is quite easy to support from the Bible the individual and collective to a Nation bad effects and disintegration where “greed and wickedness” have come to dominate the nation as we find in America today.
1. Proverbs 1:19 speaks of how anyone and “everyone who is greedy of gain” loses his own individual life. It is also a group and social action like in a nation as the conclusion of this “taking away of the life of the owner” of greed, starts in 1:10 with an enticement and invitation from a larger group to the son of the writer, “Come with us” (1:11) to “lurk secretly for the innocent without cause”; and certainly what has happened now on Wall Street and in Banks and big business is the result of bad decisions and greed for many of the past years–it has been done for the most part in secret–and certainly it has been against many “innocent” Americans and “without cause” in that the motivation was not really so much to destroy innocent Americans, that was only the end result. And how can you fail to recognize in 1:13 the motivation of financial and government leaders for material possessions when you read, “We shall find all kinds of precious possessions”, a collective invitation from Wall Street and big business to get, get, get to the extent of greed. Covetousness is the wickedness, and when covetousness has been given full reign in a nation like now, it is characterized in the Bible as “greed”. And then is top to bottom greed in America, or vice versa whether you are talking about the greed of the home buyer who purchased more than they needed and could handle with their budget, or the realtor in the middle, or the banker and insurer at the top, or the CEO who profited so much gain while knowing that both his company and the economy was going down the drain.
“So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain. It takes away the life of its owners.” (Proverbs 1:19)
2. In the sight of God the number one leaders in a nation are the pastors and deacons of a church, and the Bible cautions both of these groups of leaders not to be “greedy for money”. {I Timothy 3:3,8) Along with such high standards from God of a righteousness described by “blameless”, the husband of one wife, “sober minded”, and “of good behavior”, there is this admonition individually and collectively in the church not to be greedy for money.
3. Even as Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35); and that in the context of all the teachings of Jesus, the blessings or curses from God come more in the long range of eternity after judgment, also you can see the adverse effects on any leader or other person in this life as it becomes apparent to them of the end results of all their actions and greed. Even if you have not cultivated an adverse attitude toward the Gospel of Wealth and the corollary of success, a major thought pattern in American Thought and one truly dominate today in the disintegrated economy, you must see that the life style of Americans that finally lead to this collapse has been “receive, receive, receive” instead of “give, give, give”–receive big homes of extreme comfort and pride, receive large and larger salaries and profits and gains, receive more material possessions and recognition, and receive more and more millions without restraint until it goes into billions. There is only so much pie available; and so many get more and more of the American pie, it does not get to all. Those 10% of Wall Street that control 50% of the American wealth, those you might say of more than $250,000 a year, have both taken advantage of the 90% of Americans, the people in the land, and have almost, if not literally, to use the words and concepts of Proverbs 1 taken the blood of innocent people. These gains of the 10% have been at the expense of the blood and sweat of most poorer Americans.
4. It was this very destruction of the inward character and personality of the religious leaders of His own time that Jesus spoke of in Luke 11:29, when He taught that they were so concerned with the outward personality characteristics of the washing of hands, cups, and dishes while their religious characters inside, “the inward part” (11:39) “is full of greed and wickedness”. That God that made the outside personality also made the inside character, Jesus taught. (11:40) And further that if you concentrate on giving what you have, little or much, rather than receiving more, you whole personalities and characters are cleaned up. {You might call this behavior and character of cleaning up, or cleaning up your act, as integration.} The real fault of these leaders, even as government and business leaders today, was that in favor of an appearance of cleanness and neatness in their lives {morality and ethics}, they have passed right by in their life “justice and the love of God” (11:42). True, Jesus said, you should continue in ethics; but while you are doing that, do not leave out this important aspects of JUSTICE and LOVE OF GOD. You want, want, want the “best seats” and the respect and “greetings” in the marketplace of Wall Street; but Jesus for God expresses “woes”, or curses, on them because of this greed of behavior that goes with this wickedness (11:42,43), and it is a present, not wait for eternity curse, in that they have become inside “like graves which are not seen, and the men who walk over them are not aware of them” (11:44). The lawyers {also CEOs, government officials, and Bankers}, Jesus also criticized (11:45,46), because they “load men with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers”.
5. Paul, and God through Paul, criticized church members in Ephesians 4:19 for the destruction of their own personalities by being like other Gentiles of the world around them, “who, being past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleaness with greediness.” And in this whole passage of Ephesians 4:17-19, before the outstanding admonition to properly Learn Christ, you see how ordinary Gentiles of the world, apart from Christ, over a period of their life, say 40 years, practice a disintegration of life here on earth, way before eternity: (1) they walk or live a life style of “the futility of their mind” (4:17); (2) since they are “alienated from the life of God”, then inevitable according to God and Paul, “their understanding darkened”; (3) ignoring the things and thoughts of God and the Bible, they are called “ignorant” {by the way very close to strong delusion}; (4) they become “blind of heart”, certainly strong delusion; (5) past feeling for God and others, you might call it indifference; and (6) have given themselves over to “lewdness”. {Lewdness as used in the Bible, especially in Jude 4, Acts 18:14, and throughout the Old Testament, especially in Ezekiel 16:27, literally means “evil, wicked, wicked thoughts, and wicked devices”. It is easy to conclude that we in America have witnessed a lot of this lewdness of behavior from inward hearts dedicated to greed in our destroyed economy. None, except the 90% of the people, were victims of inevitable circumstances; but the recipients of the mistakes and greed on economic leaders.}

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