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“Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”

Caution, Caution: “Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”:  Some unbelievers and nominal believers (“The devils believe in God and tremble.”) think they are so noble in that they can ignore or rebel against the Great God, the Maker of this Universe, failing to realize that since God made them in the first place with a character… Continue reading “Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”

Literal Bible Series Book Four: Rightness.

Rightness is a more worldly concept of the world on righteousness like for those  like Israel and Paul before conversion, and according to II Timothy that have a zeal of God (religion) but there is no power of God within are going about to establish their own righteousness,  You might summarize rightness as (1) smartness… Continue reading Literal Bible Series Book Four: Rightness.

Relevance of the Writing Prophets for Today!

1-3:  The Message of the Writing Prophets. Of course, the basic reason for chastisement, calamities, then and today, is THAT GOD WANTS A PURIFIED PEOPLE FOR HIS SERVICE. The message of the Writing Prophets, if we can consider that they have one most prominent and consistent message throughout all 16 books, as you will find… Continue reading Relevance of the Writing Prophets for Today!